The Best Spots for Chocolate Chip Cookies in Hoboken + Jersey City

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One of the best afternoon pick-me-ups is a sweet + surgery treat. Lucky for us, there are a plethora of options in Hoboken + Jersey City. One of those delicious options can be a chocolate chip cookie, which we have plenty of.  Beat the midday slump by heading to one of the best spots in Hoboken or Jersey City for sweet, chocolatey, buttery, baked-to-perfection goodness that is chocolate chip cookies. Here is a pretty comprehensive list of spots to get chocolate cookies in Hoboken and Jersey City — and just plain, delicious, gooey cookies of any kind.

Baking Mama {88 Hudson Street, Hoboken}


While their colorful macaroon selection might first catch your eye {including a maple bacon delicacy}, Baking Mama’s sea salt or classic chocolate chip cookie is the REAL deal. Located at 88 Hudson Street, this adorable + cozy shop will definitely have you coming back for more.

Milk Sugar Love Creamery & Bake Shop {19 McWilliams Place, Jersey City + 394 Palisade Avenue, Jersey City}


Ice cream AND cookies — yes, please. This shop {straight out of a sugar-lover’s dream} offers fresh-baked cookies, macaroons, and more on top of 12 daily organic ice cream flavors and frozen treats, too. For those looking to put a unique spin on eating cookies, opt for the best of both worlds and order The Doughboy a handmade ice cream sandwich with two layers of chocolate chip cookie dough filled with chocolate ice cream, dipped in a chocolate shell and sprinkles on top.

Insomnia Cookies {56 Newark Street, Hoboken}

insomnia cookies

Insomnia opened its first location on this side of the Hudson in our very own Mile Square — and we couldn’t be happier. These cookies have that sought-after homemade by your mom taste and come in a variety of flavors {and sizes}. They also have ice cream for ice cream cookie sandwiches and have milk in their freezer to really pull the cookie experience together. Don’t feel like going out for cookies today? No problem. Insomnia delivers until 3:00AM. Yes, you read that correctly, 3:00AM.

Cocoa Bakery {275 Grand Street, Jersey City}


Front and center amongst their impressive plethora of sweets are Cocoa’s Bakery classic chocolate chip cookie. Also creating custom cakes, cupcakes, pastries and more, this downtown JC bakeshop is owned by pastry chef Jessica Isaacs, who was previously the Head Pastry Chef at Nobu. {They have gluten-free cookie options, too FYI!}

Sweet {343 Garden Street, Hoboken}

The name says it all: Sweet is a go-to spot for all of your sugary cravings. While they are known for their custom-made cupcakes and cake selection, you can’t forget about their made-from-scratch, baked on the premises cookies that will leave you wanting more. These cookies come in all different shapes, designs, and flavors. Along with your favorite cookies, pick up a cup of their homemade hot chocolate, made by melting two different types of solid chocolates together. Drool.

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Prato Bakery {371 4th Street, Jersey City + 201 Washington Street, Hoboken}


Rooted in Italian style and with a passion for baked goods, Prato prides itself on bringing a piece of Tuscany to New Jersey. For a unique spin on a chocolate chip cookie, try their handmade chocolate cantuccio which is a delicate, crispy biscuit cookie made simply with chocolate, flour, sugar, eggs, vanilla, natural flavors, and yeast. Savor your selection with freshly brewed espresso or cappuccino.

Cookies N’ Crepes {195 Newark Avenue, Jersey City}


They refer to themselves as a “Sweet Retreat,” and we couldn’t agree more. This hole-in-the-wall shop off of Newark Avenue in Jersey City houses warm crepes with melting ice cream — and freshly baked cookies — only some of the incredible desserts you’ll find here. {BONUS: They deliver! Yassss} Whether you order a cookie and milk combo, individual cookies, or the cookie sundae {your choice of ice cream sandwiched between two warm cookies}, you can’t go wrong at Cookies N’ Crepes.

Bang Cookies {1183 Summit Avenue, Jersey City}

Since this is a holiday after all — why not get a little fancy and dress up your chocolate chip cookie with a little sea salt? Bang Cookies in JC are soft baked, organic, natural… and giant. Visit them online and order whatever cookies you desire OR head to their brick and mortar at 183 Summit Avenue in the Heights. However you get a Bang Cookies, you can count on the fact that they bake them for you fresh, and deliver them to you the same day. And in case you’re looking for something a little outside the cookie box, you should try their s’mores cookie. You can watch a video {yes, a video} of it here for some extra convincing.

WHOS Gluten Free {80 Mallory Avenue, Jersey City}

WHOS Gluten Free is the first 100% gluten-free kitchen in Jersey City, and their cookies are delish. They are made with organic cane or coconut sugar, organic butter, and non-GMO eggs. Side note: the Nutella sandwich cookies are also musts. And even though the sweet treats are something to write home about, there are also allergy-friendly meals that are more savory if you’re looking for a salty snack.

Giorgio Pasticceria {1112 Washington Street, Hoboken}


This French and Italian pastry shop sits right on Washington Street, full of different types of pastries, cookies, and cakes — and of course, CANNOLIS. Their traditional pastries might be pretty impressive, but their cookies are can’t-miss. With choices like almond bars, pignoli, chocolate hazelnut, and of course the classic chocolate chip, it might be tough to walk by without stopping in for a few treats.

Shaka Bowl {720 Monroe Street + 110 Washington Street, Hoboken}

shaka bowl cookies

This Hawaiian poké  + açai bowl haven also offers the most delicious chocolate chip cookies. Keeping in line with the store’s ethos of catering to a variety of dietary needs, the cookies here are vegan and gluten-free, so {literally} everyone can enjoy them.

Carlo’s Bakery {95 Washington Street, Hoboken}


If you live in {or anywhere near} Hoboken, then you already know Carlo’s by their famed custom cakes and television shenanigans. Because of the intricacies of their cakes, it’s easy to forget Carlos makes delicious cookies {and cannolis!}, too. Head in and bring a box home in honor of the holiday — just remember to show your Hoboken ID to skip the inevitable lines.

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