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Sweet Hoboken: The Mile Square’s Cozy Corner Bakery

by Joanna
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On the corner of 4th and Garden {343 Garden Street} stands a local bakery worth celebrating and planning into any upcoming celebrations. The name Sweet was chosen with a witty wordplay in mind: literally nodding to the delectable baked goods served here, but also a nod to being awesome. Most popularly known for its cupcakes offered in regular sizes and the most adorable mini sizes, this bakery will make even the sweetest dreams of classic and seasonal flavors come to life in bite-sized form. For a traditional or whimsical cake an event, everything gets bigger and better when ordering full-sized cakes from this loveable bakery. Read on to find out all about Sweet Hoboken. 

sweet hoboken

A Recipe for Success

sweethoboken angelapark

Angela Park, who opened Sweet Hoboken in 2008, jokes that she was “thrown in” to the business, and luckily for the Hoboken community, she clearly found her niche. When Sweet first opened its doors, the initial two bakers working with Angela were not able to move forward much longer, forcing Angela, who initially thought her strong suit was the business, to wear every hat of the business herself. It seems like with the loss of the first two bakers and the Stock Market crash of 2008, the odds were stacked against her. With a background in publishing, Angela most notoriously worked for Martha Stewart Living Magazine {learning from the queen of homemaking herself}.

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Sweethoboken menu

Already confident in how to create and run a successful business, she was tasked with getting creative on the baking front. Inspired by the classic and always nostalgic flavors of childhood, Sweet Hoboken’s guests will brownies, rice crispy treats, and chocolate chip cookies always available on the counter. It quickly became apparent that while rebuilding the team, she could also soar on the creative side as well.

^Regular and mini cupcakes on display, making it impossible to choose just one!

All About Those Flavors

sweethoboken cupcakes

^Regular and mini cupcakes on display, making it impossible to choose just one!

Now let’s discover the joy of creating and most importantly tasting new cake and frosting flavors. Reading through the menu and browsing the case, sweet lovers will see irresistible options to order, such as peanut butter, fluffernutter, coconut, banana, black bottom {chocolate + cheesecake}, and marshmallow. If there is a new flavor you’re curious to try and it’s not on the menu yet, feel free to stop in and talk to Angela directly about exploring that flavor for your order. She is always up for the new challenge of experimenting with different ingredients to bring flavors from around the world into her already impressive menu.

Almost Always a Bakery

Marietotaro sweethoboken

Sweet is located in the same location and exact original structure of the bakery that stood before it, Le Jardin, which opened in the 1980s and served Hoboken for twenty-one years. The name Marie {Marie Totaro} is described on the street corner right before you walk in as an homage to the bakery’s history. The quaint spot today still has the original ceilings and layout, which is touching for residents who have been lucky to experience both businesses.

An Immortalized Memory

sweethoboken cupcakebox

With her shop situated across from Church Square Park and Hoboken Middle School, Angela has seen residents with their children growing up right before her eyes. As Hoboken has grown over the past ten years, she’s seen the children she once decorated first birthday cakes for grow up.

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sweethoboken cake

“To have your cake immortalized in birthday party pictures is the most special part for me,” says Angela.

She explains that Sweet Hoboken being a popular first date spot {ahem, great tip}, and hangout spot for regulars keeps her inspired to be there for her clients for so many of their special moments. Keep this warm and welcoming environment on your radar when planning your next party {or sweets craving}.


sweethoboken register

Sweet is open seven days a week, Monday-Friday from 7:30AM–6:00PM, and
Saturday-Sunday from 9:00AM-6:00PM. For a ton of cake decorating inspiration, follow @sweethoboken on Instagram!

Do you have a favorite flavor from Sweet Hoboken? Let us know in the comments!

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