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KikiLu Gelato Debuts New Espresso Bar

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An artisanal gelato and espresso bar called KikiLu Gelato officially opened in Hoboken a few months ago. Hoboken Girl first reported that a Hoboken KikiLu could be coming to fruition back in November 2020. At the time, the owners of Italian spot Otto Strada said they were trying to take over the former Gold Cleaners location at 900 Garden Street. After it was confirmed that KikiLu would be the new home at 900 Garden, locals eagerly awaited its arrival — and this summer, it finally opened. Stories began popping up on Instagram on July 21st of everyone trying out the new gelato spot — and now, the shop announced that it’s officially debuting its new espresso bar. The soft launch of the espresso bar is today, November 11th until 12PM, and the team is potentially planning to roll out the espresso bar for real next week. Read on for what we know about KikiLu Gelato, now open in Hoboken.

kiki lu gelato hoboken

(Photo credit: @kikilugelato)

The News — And the Espresso Bar Launch


(Photo credit: @kikilugelato)

On July 21st, KikiLu’s Instagram page posted a story announcing its soft opening would be that day from 6PM to 10PM. While the gelato bar was on time and ready to go, the Cannoli bar and espresso bar were still a bit delayed, according to the story.

Lots of locals posted their visits to the new shop, sharing pictures of the delicious-looking gelato and their enthusiasm for KikiLu’s opening. Since its launch, visitors have been loving the creamy gelato and the quaint space.

Now, on November 11th, the shop is holding a soft launch of its espresso bar — from 8AM to 12PM, per Patch. The plan is to see how the soft launch goes and then potentially roll out the espresso bar for real next week.

cappuccino oat milk kikilu hoboken

^ Cappuccino with oat milk

There’s a long list of espresso options, including cappuccinos, cafe lattes, espresso Milanese, and more. Pro tip: We tried the cappuccino with oat milk and we highly recommend it. It was rich, but not too sweet — ideal for a rainy, chilly day.

The Story Behind KikiLu’s Opening

“Future home of KikiLu Gelato — finally signed the papers,” the Instagram caption read back in 2020. “Can’t wait to bring our artisanal gelato, espresso, cannoli, focaccia, and other authentic Italian desserts to Hoboken. Let the construction begin!”

Back in November 2020, the Hoboken planning board unanimously approved the owners’ request to change the 580-square-foot space’s property use into a Class III restaurant space, according to Jersey Digs. This change in use now allows the former laundromat to be used as (but first converted into) a restaurant space.

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(Photo credit: @kikilugelato)

The name KikiLu was inspired by the owner’s daughters, he shared. “I named it after my daughters’ nicknames – Kiki for Chiara (Ch is pronounced K in Italian) and Lu for Luna,” said Joe.

From this newly-opened spot, definitely expect a vast array of gelato flavors. The shop’s Instagram highlights flavors such as purple sweet potato, nocciola/hazelnut, espresso gelato dark chocolate stracciatella, and more.

Speaking of espresso, espresso-flavored gelato isn’t the only coffee you’ll be able to order on-site. KikiLu will also feature an espresso bar, cannoli bar, gelato pops, and serve Italian desserts as well — though the gelato bar (and now the espresso bar!) are the only open parts at the moment. According to KikiLu’s Instagram bio, the gelato shop also offers gluten-free, vegan, and non-dairy options for gelato-lovers with dietary restrictions.

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KikiLu previously told HG its hours – the shop was planning to be open from 7:30AM-9:00PM.

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