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Where to Find Gluten-Free Pizza in Hoboken + Jersey City

by Lauren
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For the gluten-free population, pizza is simultaneously one of the most sought after and difficult foods to come by when dining out. Finding a quality pie that makes you forget {for a minute, anyway} that you are eating pizza sans gluten is truly a treasure and a rarity. If we’ve made you hungry just reading this and now you are ready for some pizza, here’s a few places in the area that can satisfy the craving. Read on to discover gluten-free pizza spots in Hoboken + Jersey City.

DISCLAIMER: Not all spots listed use separate ovens for gluten-free and non gluten-free, so if you are truly Celiac or cannot eat gluten, we recommend calling/requesting specifically to be sure.


Bin 14 {1314 Washington Street}

bin14 gf pizza

{Photo credit: @bin14winebar}

Bin 14 has tons of appetizing gluten-free options {not to mention all the wine}, and the pizza is no exception. Any of the pizzas on the menu can be made with a GF crust, including the Margherita pizza, Prosciutto pizza with fig and ricotta, beef Bolognese with fresh mozzarella, and lots more. 

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Tony Boloney’s {263 1st Street}

tony baloneys

The masters of the creative pizza have an extensive gluten-free menu which includes 12” GF pies in a variety of flavors like burrata pie, the Moonshiner {pink vodka sauce with fresh mozzarella, asiago + fresh basil}, and the Casino Carnivore {a whopping 10 different types of meat topped with mozzarella}. They also have cashew-based vegan cheese!

Pizza Republic {406 Washington Street}


{Photo credit: @pizzarepublicnj}

Besides an ah-mazing number of mac + cheese combos that can be prepared gluten-free, Pizza Republic offers a 12” personal gluten-free pizza that can be customized with as many toppings as you want {PS: Word on the street is that they have vegan cheese, too!}.

Urban CoalHouse Pizza + Bar {116 14th Street}

urban coalhouse gf pizza

Offering all kinds of yummy pub fare {including a full brunch and cocktail menu}, the gluten-free can happily indulge in coal-fired pizza here as well. Pies are big enough to split between two to three people and any of the standard menu pies can be made GF upon request – we recommend the white pie.

Napoli’s Neapolitan Brick Oven Pizza {1118 Washington Avenue + 133 Clinton Street}

napolis gf pizza

{Photo: @napolishoboken}

With a second location that just opened in the Mile Square, Napoli’s offers a six-slice gluten-free pizza, with specialty options like cheesesteak pie, buffalo chicken pie, and eggplant parmesan {and Napoli’s has GF pasta too}.

Grimaldi’s Pizzeria {411 Washington Street}


{Photo credit: @grimaldishoboken}

Diners can’t go wrong with this Brooklyn staple which features classic pies and gluten-free pizza in a personal size – so get a nice glass of red and dig in.

When in Rome {1119 Jefferson Street}

when in rome

{Photo credit: @shwetagursahani}

Recently opened, this Italian spot offers cold and hot sandwiches and an assortment of pizzas, including a cauliflower-crust pie {all the rage with the GF crowd}, so you can feel somewhat healthy while indulging.
Another mentionable spot: Pop-Up Pizza by the PATH that just opened is said to be whipping up gluten-free crust {cauliflower-based}.

Jersey City

John’s Pizzeria {87 Sussex Street}

johns gf ziti

Famous for selling whole pies rather than slices, this Times Square favorite also has a location in Jersey City and offers gluten-free pasta substitutions {like gf baked ziti, pictured above} for any dish on the menu, as well as tasty gluten-free personal pizzas with your choice of toppings.

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Renato’s Pizza Masters {278 Central Avenue}


{Photo credit: @pizzamastersjc}

For dining in or take out, Pizza Masters has pasta, wraps, salads, sandwiches and a cauliflower crust gluten-free Margherita pizza that is too tempting to resist.

Two Boots {133 Newark Avenue}


{Photo credit: @twobootspizza}

Another NY favorite with all kinds of crazy pizza combinations, diners can get a 10” gluten-free pie with any number of fun toppings {check out the Boss Hague – meatballs, pepperoni, ricotta + mozzarella}, and Two Boots also has vegan pies available {score}.

Have you tried a gluten-free pizza at one of these spots? Which was your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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