We Found 5 Hoboken Dogs Smaller Than a Benny Tudino’s Pizza Slice {And Have the Photos to Prove It}

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Everyone knows that you aren’t truly a real Hoboken resident unless you’ve had a Benny Tudino’s slice. Let’s be serious, Benny Tudino’s pizza is as Hoboken as Frank Sinatra {even though word on the street was that Frank actually didn’t *love* Hoboken — but he probably would have if he had eaten more Bennys…}. Either way — established in 1963, Benny’s is famous for their monstrously sized pizza slices that would school most professional eaters on a good day {yes, they’re that big} — and they often boast that they serve the biggest slices in New Jersey.

In fact — just to put it into perspective and prove their greatness, we gathered up five Hoboken pups who are dwarfed by these famous pizza slices. Here they are, {but let’s not assume that they wouldn’t house a slice like the rest of us}.


^For a 5 lb. pup, CC the mini-pinscher can sure put down the mutz.


^Hot dog and pizza, thanks to Bruce.


^Sera is a gluten-free type of girl but even she was tempted by this Benny’s slice.


^”Wanna go halfsies?” — Cooper


^Norman isn’t sharing. #SorryNotSorry. Ahhh the bulldog {hungry} way…

So there you have it. Pups whose surface area doesn’t cut it when rivaled with a Benny’s slice. 

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Will Ferman is a Hoboken photographer and writer. After attending the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan for two years, Will decided to pursue his true passion of working with animals. He has spent the last nine years working with dogs both in the dog care industry & as an animal advocate with rescue organizations. He truly enjoys caring for & photographing dogs. In 2017 Will started PUPARAZZI, a dog centric media project. Will is honored to be able to contribute to HobokenGirl.com and excited to tell the stories of Hoboken's furry friends.