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5 Hoboken Dogs Smaller Than a Benny Tudino’s Pizza Slice — PHOTOS

by Will
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Everyone knows that you aren’t truly a real Hoboken resident unless you’ve had a Benny Tudino’s slice. Let’s be serious, Benny Tudino’s pizza is as Hoboken as Frank Sinatra (even though word on the street was that Frank actually didn’t *love* Hoboken — but he probably would have if he had eaten more Bennys…). Either way — established in 1963, Benny’s is famous for their monstrously sized pizza slices that would school most professional eaters on a good day )yes, they’re that big) — and they often boast that they serve the biggest slices in New Jersey.

In fact — just to put it into perspective and prove their greatness, we gathered up five Hoboken pups who are outnumbered in size by these famous pizza slices. Here they are — but let’s not assume that they wouldn’t house a slice like the rest of us.


^For a 5 lb. pup, CC the mini-pinscher can sure put down the mutz.


^Hot dog and pizza, thanks to Bruce.

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^Sera is a gluten-free type of girl but even she was tempted by this Benny’s slice.

Zap Fitness


^”Wanna go halfsies?” — Cooper


^Norman isn’t sharing. #SorryNotSorry. Ahhh the hungry bulldog way…

So there you have it. Pups whose surface area doesn’t cut it when rivaled with a Benny’s slice. 

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