GreekTown Reopens in Hoboken After Fire

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Depending on how you walk home or your daily commute, you may have completely missed the off-the-beaten corner of Newark Avenue that intersects with Garden Street. There, you’ll find a diamond in the rough, Greek Town, located at 86 Garden Street. Greek Town is a window-filled BYO Greek restaurant that wraps the corner of those two streets.

The local spot recently closed due to a fire, but is thankfully back open as of this week!

Luckily there’s a liquor store right across the street in case you forget some wine {or Sambuca} for your lunch/dinner. After opening our bottle of red, we went right for the apps. The hummus was relatively flavorful but not super garlicky, so it definitely depend on your taste preferences as to how you feel about the chickpea sitch. That being said, the pita accompanying said hummus was soft and doughy – perfect for dipping.

We also ordered an appetizer of the Spanakopita {spinach pie} and truth be told, it was the BIGGEST and flakiest Spanakopita we’ve ever seen in Hoboken. Flavor wise it was savory but not to salty — and the perfect consistency of creamy inside + flaky/doughy on the outside, and definitely a great shareable plate for a party of 2-4.

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Other menu options to try: tzatziki  dip, quinoa salad topped with grilled chicken, Avgolemono soup {this is a classic Greek soup, a mixture of eggs, lemon, and hot broth with chicken} if you’re feeling under the weather or want to try something new on a chilly night. They also have grilled octopus…and if you’ve been to Greece, you know that is something they do very well.

^The Greek Salad + chicken

For dinner, our table ordered Greek salad with chicken and a lamb gyro — very ‘basic’ Greek orders, we know, but ya gotta test out the essentials. Both were solid and flavorful, which is necessary and usually revolves around the chicken plus dressing for both dishes. Win/Win. If you’re a Greek salad connoisseur, then you most likely know the Greeks love to chop their salads. Not every Greek spot around this area chops like Greek Town, so enjoy the bite-sized pieces {as we did}. It honestly makes things so much easier. The only way to further make us fall in love would have been to put a block of feta cheese + olive oil on top. Then we’d really be on our way to Greek salad/Greek island life. ναι παρακαλώ!

^The lamb gyro, casually wrapped on a plate

For those who don’t speak Greek, the menu is translated into English so you can make sure you’re ordering something totally unfamiliar/surprising. There are a variety of salads for just under $10 {meat is extra $5-$7}, so you won’t be disappointed if trying to go for a healthy option. And it’s worth mentioning that the Greek salad we mentioned above = easy healthy lunch or dinner option for takeout, and the major plus side is it won’t totally break the Greek Salad price bank {salad + chicken = $14.25} whereas some other Greek spots in town do for a large Greek salad with chicken {for just about $20! Seriously} — though this one doesn’t come with a warm pita. Just sayin.

Overall: great for a large BYOB group, quick dinner with a friend near the PATH, or takeout. Tasty hummus and dip options, and a friendly/knowledgeable staff. We’ll definitely be back/ordering more soon! Here’s a link to their menu, so you can see the other options and delicious eats. Hours are 11:30AM – 10PM most days, so it’s pretty flexible for your Greek food cravings, δόξα τω θεώ!

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Have you been to Greek Town? What did you think?

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