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Authentic Greek Food in Hoboken: Greek from Greece Bakery

by Jennifer
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If you’ve ever been to Greece or have Greek friends, chances are you’re familiar with many of the heavenly treats the Greek culture has to offer. From savory spanakopita and cheese pies to sweet baklava, for an authentic food experience GFG Bakery has all of that and more — a little something for everyone. And let’s be real, a walk or ride downtown is a bit more budget-friendly than buying a flight to Athens. Here’s a bit more about this Hoboken {Greek} haven:

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The Location

 Located at 221 River Street in Hoboken, GFG is perfectly situated right on your way to the water or Pier A. Coming from uptown? Not to worry, GFG offers discounted rates on parking for its customers.

The History

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According to their website, in the 1930s in Greece, the great grandfathers of those behind GFG went from selling traditional Greek desserts at the local fairs to opening two of the biggest bakeries in all of Athens. The newly-opened bakery in Hoboken is a recreation of this history, with the mission of making the Mile Square “a bit more like home [Greece] – where you can always count on simply good [Greek] food.”

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The Space

The space at GFG is bright, modern, and well… huge — with lots of tables for groups of any size. They also have high top counter seating facing the windows if you’re making a pit stop alone. Once the weather breaks, we hear the bakery will offer outdoor seating as well. Al fresco, Greek food — just close your eyes and it’s like you’re in Santorini {sort of}.

The Atmosphere

GFG definitely has the European café vibe going, typically buzzing with Hoboken residents coming in and out throughout the day. It’s relaxing, homey, and relatively quiet — the perfect place to connect for conversation or hunker down to get some work done {hellloooo free wifi}. And chances are you’ll hear customers at neighboring tables speaking Greek: the ultimate proof of authenticity.

^And if you’re working on brushing up on your Greek, you’ll be happy to see the walls covered in Greek phrases where you can practice.

The Coffee

Let’s be clear, GFG is not just your average bakery. Besides having great food, GFG also has amazing coffee, too. An HG fave, the freddo cappuccino is a must-try. It’s basically the most refreshing, most beautiful iced cappuccino that turns into an ombré masterpiece once you stir it, mixing the cream and the coffee {please and thank you}. Besides the freddo cappuccino, GFG has a ton of hot and cold coffee options from your standard light, dark, and decaf roasts to mocha, pumpkin, and caramel. Not a coffee person? They also have teas… not to mention milkshakes and smoothies, too.

The Eats

Ah, the food. Where to begin? Greek from Greece has your usual Greek delights — baklava, spanakopita, Greek salad — which are beyond perfection.

But if that isn’t enough, the bakery offers everything from croissants, muffins, and yogurts to sandwiches, salads, cakes, brownies, and ice cream. Some of the HG faves include the chocolate banana croissant {yes, it’s as good as it sounds}, the baklava, the mushroom croissant, and the spanakopita.

^Spanakopita {spinach pie}

We can’t wait to go back and try the salads, sandwiches — and pretty much everything else on the menu {and did we mention they have cakes and greek frozen yogurt?}. The bakery has both full-size and mini cakes that are perfect for bringing something unique to your next party.

So grab a freddo cappuccino and a treat, and enjoy a piece of Athens right here in the Mile Square. Oh, and word on the street is they’re opening two additional locations opening up in downtown Manhattan soon. The more baklava the merrier!

Have you been to GFG yet? Comment and share your favorite treats, below.

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