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Pho Nomenon Noodle + Grill: Savory Vietnamese Food in Hoboken

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Lemongrass, ginger, and coriander = some of which can be found in the most popular Vietnamese dish called pho {pronounced fuh}.  And if you’ve had Vietnamese food, you’ll be familiar with the cuisine’s staple flavors and possibly this 3-letter phOnomenon already. So when an establishment has a name like Pho Nomenon Noodle + Grill {516 Washington Street}, you know you’ve got to check it out for its pho-nomenal menu {and yes, there will be puns throughout — sorry not sorry}. Keep reading to learn all about Pho Nomenon Noodle + Grill boasting savory Vietnamese food in Hoboken.

pho nomenon hoboken

The Atmosphere

Located at 5th + Washington, Pho Nomenon serves up popular Vietnamese food along with a few surprises like pad Thai and sugarcane shrimp corn dogs. Inside, tables line the wall with booth seating on one side and chairs on the other.  Asian décor hangs on the walls and makes for an inviting atmosphere. The staff are incredibly friendly and are happy to offer up recommendations to hungry diners. The food comes out very quickly, so if you’re looking to relax for a bit, you may want to order each course as you’re ready for it.

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The Food

menu pho nomenon

With a menu so big, it might be a good idea to have a look online ahead of time so you go in knowing what you want.

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spring rolls dumplings pho nomenon

If you’re looking for a light appetizer, try the grilled chicken summer spring rolls. Wrapped in rice paper, these little beauties are filled with grilled chicken, daikon, romaine, and carrots which makes them very light. The side of peanut sauce really rounds out the whole thing and adds a bit of sweetness to each bite. If you’re looking for a heartier appetizer, the vegetable dumplings are the way to go. They are the perfect size to pop in your mouth in one bite and you can never go wrong with these doughy and crispy little pouches.

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pho 3 pho nomenon

Now, let’s get to the good stuff — the pho. As expected, a massive bowl of broth is placed before you and you’ll likely start to wonder if you’ll ever see the bottom. Swirling inside the bowl are strings of rice noodles, tender bok choy, and a meat of your choosing. The portion sizes are actually big enough to split, so ask a waiter to bring over two small bowls to spoon the soup into. If you’ve got the appetite, however, go ahead and tuck into one bowl by yourself.

pho pho nomenon

Served alongside the giant bowl of soup are all of the recommended toppings – cilantro, bean sprouts, lime, hoisin sauce, and sriracha sauce. If you’re of the mindset that soup is not filling enough, think again. This pool party of goodness is extremely filling and you’ll be rolling out of the restaurant in a food coma once you’re done.

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rice shrimp pho nomenon

If you’re still not convinced to go for the soup, there are plenty of other non-soup dishes to choose from. Beef with broccoli on rice, Hanoi style grilled pork on rice vermicelli, lemongrass shrimp with rice, and banh mi to name just a few.  Be sure to grab a bubble tea for the road – you’ll be happy you did.


pho nomenon delivery

pho nomenon delivery 2

Plus, Pho Nomenon also delivers {cue excited screech}. The restaurant will deliver the broth, the toppings, and the noodles straight to your door. All you have to do is put them together and boom, instant pho right on the comfort of your couch.

pho nomenon delivery 3

You can also order non-pho menu items, too. Order the spring rolls for a night in and enjoy every bite.

Whether you stop in for {or order} a bowl of pho or go with friends and split a bunch of dishes, you’ll be coming back pho sure {couldn’t resist}.

Have you been to Pho Nomenon yet? Tell us about it below!

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