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    If you’ve got a craving for warm and satisfying comfort food, chances are an empanada will do just the trick. It pains us to even have to explain what an empanada is, but as a public service we will — because if you’ve never had one you’re MISSING OUT. Essentially, though, an empanada is a warm stuffed pastry that is baked or fried, originating from Latin America and Spain. In Hoboken, there are a few empanada spots that you can’t go wrong with {La Isla and Ultramarinos, we’re looking at you} — but here’s one to add to the list: Empanada Cafe.


    Located at 123 Washington Street, Empanada Cafe is snuggled right in between to Noellery and Charritos, making it a must-stop {and is also possibly overlooked sandwiched in}. But make no mistake, you’re going to want to walk in. Upon entering, you’ll find rows and rows of empanadas in a glass case, and several servers creating some deliciousness. If you’re looking for fine dining, this is not your spot. It’s more of a hole in the wall, but an amazing one at that.


    Above the register, Empanada Cafe has a chalkboard which tallies the stats of the most sold empanadas {as well as how many have been sold all together}.

    The owner originally hails from Argentina, and it’s pretty obvious that he and his crew know their empanadas inside and out. A few of the {extensive} menu items ready for consumption that you must try: spicy chicken, spinach, dulce de leche with bananas, pork and fig, — really any meat or cheese or sweet craving can most likely be satisfied. The empanadas are pre-baked, and then upon ordering, they are toasted in an oven. YUM.


    To keep them straight, the empanadas are stamped with their stuffing, so you know you’re never going to get an empanada that isn’t exactly what you want. The cafe itself is pretty small and can fit a max of 10 or so people inside, but they do have chairs outside in the spring and summer. The staff is quite friendly, even if you’re suuuper indecisive {*raises hand} about which empanadas to order they won’t roll their eyes and hurry you along like some places do. For Hoboken girls and guys on a budget, don’t fret. Each empanada is $3, so even if you went ham and ordered three, your meal is still under $10. Specialty empanadas are $3.50, FYI, and if you buy a dozen, you get two empanadas free.

    Empanadas FTW. Have you been to Empanada Cafe? What did you think?


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    • This place is fantastic and the owner is such a gentleman. When they first opened, he helped us with a small event and he went above and beyond. I hope they thrive here in Hoboken.


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