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Ani Ramen is Opening in Hoboken

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From their first brick and mortar location in Montclair to Jersey City, and now Hoboken; Ani Ramen is officially taking over the ramen market in North Jersey and we couldn’t be happier. The North Jersey ramen noodle house has shared with Hoboken Girl that it is opening a Hoboken location sometime in 2018.

^^ Ramen dish from Hoboken Girl’s dinner at Ani Ramen Jersey City

With a 5-star review on nearly all of our most trusted restaurant review sites, plus a review on their Jersey City location from yours truly, Ani Ramen is a MUST when dining out in Hudson County. In celebration of Ani Ramen’s new location {exact address TBD}, here’s the 411 on everything you can expect during your first visit to this Japanese ramen joint coming to Hoboken.

In Asian culture, good food is the sign of love. The owners of Ani Ramen fell in love with Japanese cuisine and wanted to share their passion for the country’s food and culture with the community. Shockingly enough, the Ani team soon found that there was already “good” ramen available in the U.S., so they teamed up with Sun Noodle Company to develop a cooking process that was truly their own. Through thousands of test combinations of noodles, broth, and ingredients, the team was able to narrow down the field to six winning recipes which are on all their menus today.

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In case your version of ramen is the square brick package kind, here’s the lowdown on true Japanese Ramen. Ramen is a traditional Japanese soup dish made with noodles and either meat, chicken, seafood, or veggies, in delicious beef or veggie broth. Unlike some of their competitors, Ani’s noodles are hearty, the veggies are clearly freshly prepared, and the broth is NOT oily. Ani Ramen will certainly satisfy your cravings without leaving you sluggish and bloated like other American-Asian cuisine.

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Signature cocktails and appetizers are always a must. Though the New York Times raved about the “succulent pork buns,” the tempura shrimp buns picture above are nothing to scoff at. DELISH.

So far Ani Ramen has not released where or when their Hoboken restaurant will be in the Mile Square. However, your can rest assured that the newest location will reflect the “authentic food, real city-feel, and bustling energy,” that we have come to know and love at Ani’s. We’ll share more details as they come!

Have you been to Ani Ramen? Which dish is your favorite?

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