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What’s {Good} Here: Bloodies and Chicken Wing Waffles at South House in JC

by Marley
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Spring bike rides should always end in fried chicken wings n’ waffles, and a SPICY Bloody MaryThe best place to find them? South House – a southern Tex Mex bar/restaurant/people watching haven located on the pedestrian plaza of downtown Jersey City {Yankee territory}.

Believe you this, Hoboken residents…it is well worth the journey. Let’s start with our drink order. South House has a “farm-to-glass” mentality and good Texas home-style hospitality. So when it comes to the Bloody Mary, they’ve got 4 to choose from. We went with the fiery, fresh “Willie Nelson Bloody.” It came with everything but braids.

south house jc bloody mary

Next up, your food order. This is difficult because they have BRUNCH TACOS + every classic with a Tex Mex twist. Yes, brunch tacos! We ordered the eggs benedict {chipotle hollandaise, seasoned home fries} and the fried chicken wings n’ waffles — and def WON the brunch game.

We advise you do the same.

south house jc chicken waffles

The waffle was crisp and freshly made. But the HUGE (like, really large) chicken wings had a crunchy, sexy, seasoned coating with smoky spice and subtle heat that was addictive…with the kiss of Bloody Mary on the side. We’ve never had chicken wings on a waffle before but believe this – they were SO good.

south house jc seats

As previously mentioned, South House is a great people watching spot on a pedestrian street in JC. Look at these chairs outside! Lots of fun — especially since Newark Ave has become such a hot commodity with its pedestrian walkway. So before or after brunch, grab a cocktail and chill out on a rocking chair. You’ll forget you’re in New Jersey {not that you’d really want to, but hey}.

So, the only question that remains: WHICH Bloody Mary would you choose? Answer below!

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