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Rapper Ice-T Aims to Open a Cannabis Dispensary in Jersey City

by Sarah Boyle
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Cannabis dispensaries in New Jersey have been at the forefront of discussions since the legalization of marijuana earlier this year. Many eager entrepreneurs are looking to get involved in the ever-growing cannabis industry — and among them is a New Jersey-based celebrity looking to set up a dispensary locally. Rapper and actor Ice-T is said to be teaming up with The Medicine Woman co-owner, Charis Burrett, to open up a cannabis dispensary in Jersey City. On July 25th, the duo and their marijuana dispensary — along with 3 other Class 5 retail applications — were approved by the Jersey City cannabis control board. The Medicine Woman is hoping to open up in Jersey City this fall. Read on for what we know about Ice-T’s Jersey City-based dispensary. 

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About The Medicine Woman

The Medicine Woman was founded by Charis Burrett and her husband, Luke Burrett, back in 2019. It initially began as a California-based non-profit, where it delivered over 300 products to its patients, according to the website.

“Our mission at The Medicine Woman is to provide a full-spectrum of global plant medicines to benefit the health and wellness of our local communities,” the website reads. “We have now expanded to offer more than 1,000 products, have launched our own multi-collection private label product line, and are currently in the development phase of launching our 2nd brick and mortar location.” The second brick-and-mortar location is the aforementioned Jersey City spot — and the first is located in Bellflower, CA.

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The Upcoming Jersey City Dispensary

Ice-T, also known as Tracy Lauren Marrow, has been in the public eye for decades now. He is known for being a rapper and, more recently, an actor, portraying Fin on Law & Order: SVU. Ice-T and Charis have been close friends for a long time, per Forbes. The collaboration makes a lot of sense; Charis is an expert in cannabis, while Ice-T is deeply familiar with the cannabis industry’s historically disproportionate impact on minority populations. Plus, Ice-T is also well-acquainted with New Jersey. He was born in Newark, grew up in Summit, and currently lives in Edgewater, NJ.

“I’ve dedicated my life and career to giving back and paving the way for minorities,” Ice-T said in a statement. “As a New Jersey native, I’m excited for the opportunity legalization offers our community, and I look forward to ushering in a new era for cannabis in the state.”

On July 25th, Jersey City’s Cannabis Control Board approved four Class 5 cannabis applicants — including The Medicine Woman. The other applicants were MedUSA NJ, LLC; Oceanfront Holdings LLC; and The Other Side Dispensary LLC, per TapInto.

The Jersey City Cannabis Control Board is in charge of creating and enforcing all things cannabis. All local dispensaries must receive its approval.

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The Medicine Woman, which is hoping to open up this fall, is said to have 5,000-square-feet of retail space, and it will sell merchandise and NJ cannabis brands.

According to TapInto, The Medicine Woman has already partnered with some local non-profits, including The Last Prisoner Project, Jersey City Employment and Training Program, Jersey City Mural and Arts Program, and Hudson County Community College.

The Hoboken Girl will keep you in the loop as more information becomes available about Ice-T’s Jersey City dispensary. In the meantime, stay in the know with @thehobokengirl on Instagram and TikTok.

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