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Zero Kids: A Vintage Gem in Downtown Jersey City

by Alexis Spoden
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 Nothing beats the feeling you get when someone compliments your outfit and you get to respond, “Thanks, it’s vintage.” There is no shortage of vintage shops in and around the New York City area, but Zero Kids in Jersey City is truly something special. So special, in fact, that even some NYC thrift shops get their inventory from thrifting and reselling Zero Kids’ products. Keep reading to learn all about this vintage gem in downtown Jersey City, Zero Kids, located at 317 2nd Street.

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About the Owner

Israel Bermeo, the owner of this gem, has been in the vintage industry for ten years, so he knows a thing or two. Fun fact, he is also a stylist and has worked on several films and music videos. The entrepreneur loves helping clients mix and match their modern wardrobe with vintage pieces. He used to be the co-owner of the vintage shop, VERY {now Tah Vintage}, which was located in downtown Jersey City across from Talde, then upgraded to a larger space for Zero Kids in December of 2017.

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The Backstory 

Although the name can be deceiving, Zero Kids is actually not a kid’s store at all, and it doesn’t mean kids are not allowed either. It is quite the opposite — everyone is welcome. The name was inspired from Israel’s first painting ever purchased at twelve years old. It represents being the kid that is different and embracing it rather than trying to fit in. Plus, there’s no better way to express individuality than through vintage fashion. The painting is hung up in the shop, along with several other works of art from local artists.

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“I want this to be a creative hub” explained Israel, and a creative hub it certainly is. The entire shop is painted inside and out by local artists and friends of Israel, and many works of art are even for sale inside the shop. Israel loves to be embedded in the community and makes sure to support local talent and businesses like his own.

The Fashion

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Zap Fitness

Now, let’s talk about fashion. Zero Kids’ inventory ranges from ‘70s, ‘80s, and ‘90s clothing and accessories, with the occasional early 2000s get-up. Israel is most passionate about these retro, grungy, and hip-hop inspired eras, and is always stocked with top-notch products. The shop gets new inventory every week and makes sure to launder or send out to dry clean all of the clothing before it is put out on the floor. A lot of Zero Kids’ products are bought from vintage warehouses and distributors, one of them being Udelco in Hawthorne, NJ.

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“There’s a lot more to this business than just thrifting,” Israel explained, although it is a part of it. By using distributors to buy products, Zero Kids is able to get a variety of the best brands, such as a wide collection of Harley Davidson tees, or Champion sweatshirts, and even an entire shop-in-shop dedicated to 501 Levi’s denim.

“Our vintage here is very wearable and what is trending now,” Israel said. Prices range from $20 tees to $1000, one of a kind sneakers.

“We have something for everyone and cater to that vintage, modern look.” That is what Israel loves most about fashion nowadays — “You can own any look and dress in any era.”

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Other than vintage fashion, Zero Kids also sells a collection of unique, high-end sneakers from Adidas Yeezy Boosts to Air Jordans. You can even shop some of Zero Kids’ products on Depop. The online boutique consists of vintage items above $50. Zero Kids also offers a rewards program for shoppers. Every $50 spent, customers get one point. After accumulating five points, you can get 25% off, and after 10 points, you get 50% off.

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The Details

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You will be sure not to leave empty-handed after visiting Zero Kids, located in the heart of downtown Jersey City {317 2nd Street}. It is open Monday through Saturday from 12:00PM-8:00PM, and on Sunday from 12:00PM-6:00PM. Whether you are looking to shop, admire some art, attend an event or enjoy some music, Zero Kids has something for everyone. The shop carries only the highest quality products, and customers can trust that each item is clean and authentic. Keep up with the latest product arrivals and events by following the shop on Instagram @ZeroKid_NJ or checking out the website at www.zerokidclothing.com.

Have you been to Zero Kids in Jersey City? Tell us what you bought in the comments!

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