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A Visit to Jane DO — All About This Local Workout Studio

by Hoboken Girl Team
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Seven years ago, two former Radio City Rockettes put everything they had into founding a women-centered fitness studio called Jane DO. Since founders Jacey Lambros and Danielle DeAngelo opened their very first Jersey City studio (located at 160 Newark Avenue), the Jane DO family has grown immensely — both in terms of physical locations and the community the team serves. Jacey and Danielle expanded to Hoboken (720 Monroe Street) in 2017, opened a location in South Carolina, and also previously had locations in Edgewater and New York (though they’re now closed). The studio offers HIIT, Sculpt, Dance, Trampoline, and Step classes — each designed for mixed fitness levels and all kinds of body types. Local fitness-enthusiast and Hoboken Girl friend Anthony Crouchelli recently visited the Hoboken Jane DO Hoboken location to take the Tramp Stamp classes and get the full Jane DO experience — and it did not disappoint. Read on to learn more about Jane DO and hear all about Anthony’s recent visit — and spoiler alert, he left thoroughly exhausted. 

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About Jane DO

Jane DO was created by former Radio City Rockettes Jacey Lambros and Danielle DeAngelo in an effort to create a fitness experience that is just as fun as it is rigorous and challenging, specifically aiming to help empower women. The idea behind this is that if you feel strong + powerful physically, you can bring that confidence into other areas of your life and ‘do’ anything.

After opening the original location in Jersey City, the team has since grown into Hoboken and now South Carolina — creating community and building up women wherever they go.

Though the classes are specifically created for women, anyone is welcome to join — in fact, men who work out at Jane DO are affectionately referred to as ‘Jane DUDES.’ We love a good pun.

Classes at Jane DO


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Jane DO has five signature classes — and they’re all designed to be lots of fun, empowering for women (or whomever wants to join!), and a great workout.

The classes are 50 minute workouts aimed to serve all different fitness levels and body types. The team works to expand upon its current classes with new music and new routines to ensure everything is fresh.

HIIT (Train Jane)

This class focuses on strength training through dumbbells or resistance bands with high- and low-impact cardio elements and stretching mixed in.

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Dance (Dance Your A** Off)

This high impact dance class is full of fun choreography + routines that don’t require any prior dance experience. This is the ultimate way to work out and have fun at the same time.

Sculpt (Get Lifted)

This class doesn’t have any jumping and instead focuses on resistance training with flexibility exercises.

Tramp (Tramp Stamp)

Trampolines. Need we say more? This cardio and strength-training class helps you bounce your way to health.

Step (Step It Up)

Cardio routines meet strength training with this fun step-up class.

A Visit to Jane DO: Anthony Crouchelli’s Experience


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Recently, local fitness-enthusiast + Hoboken Girl friend Anthony Crouchelli took a visit to Jane DO to try out the ‘Tramp Stamp’ class.

Here’s what he had to say:

Anthony Crouchelli: WHEW! What a workout! From start to finish hitting my first ever “Tramp Stamp” class, I left with nothing short of a smile on my walk home from Jane Do Hoboken. 

Heading over to the studio that morning, truthfully — I was a bit nervous. Those nerves were pushed to the side the minute I walked through those doors and into one of the friendliest groups of individuals I have met in a fitness setting in a long time. 

Walking into class, I found myself looking around and immediately connecting with the people to both sides of my station. I’ve never taken a trampoline class before — so as you can assume I was pretty nervous, but our incredible instructor Danielle made me feel as comfortable as possible from the first warm-up exercise. 

The class started with a pretty intense warm-up, breaking down the circuit that we had for the day. I was pleased to find out that we were doing on and off trampoline exercises incorporating weights for the day. Class started with a three song segment of choreographed trampoline movement that made me break a sweat like never before.

From there, we lifted the trampolines onto its sides and did a lower body circuit that had my glutes burning as if I had a leg day for the ages. Who would have thought the amount of small pulses would essentially have me crawling down Washington Avenue back to my apartment?!

Next, we tackled the upper body circuit with some back, bicep, and shoulder exercises. Finally, we finished the workout strong with one more piece of choreographed movement before a much-needed cool down/stretch.

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Truthfully, heading to Jane DO, I found myself being scared knowing that it was predominantly a women-based community, but even though I was the only guy in the room for that class, I have not felt that much a part of a community in a long time. 

So for any guys out there who might be scared to take a trampoline class: just do it. 

It sounds so simple, but I have been doing the same gym routine for so long that it was actually refreshing to have to start from square one once again. It was so rewarding to have a challenge of learning a new skill, as well as the intention to get better each and every time I return for future classes.

So excuse me now, as I head out to buy myself trampoline to start practicing all my steps to become the next Jane DUDE superstar! 

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