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Angel’s Recipe Rolled Ice Cream is Opening in Jersey City Heights

by Hoboken Girl Team
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YES, we know you’ve been working hard on that bikini body with your eyes set on that super short romper. Buuuuuut we also know that you love ice cream. And summer  — is prime ice cream season! Now, traditional rolled ice cream isn’t exactly a new craze, but we did discover a place right here in the Mile Square serving it up {and doing it right}. Unfortunately, the ice cream shop secret has closed up its Hoboken doors and moved to a full brick-and-mortar Jersey City Heights as of June 29th {previously, they were inside of Gogi Grill}. The new shop opens at 11AM — located at 312 Central Avenue in Jersey City. 

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Photo via Jersey City Heights Group Facebook Page

In places like Thailand, the Philippines, and Cambodia, street vendors have been selling this rolled frozen dessert to their customers where it is already hugely popular. But only this last year have we been seeing these places roll up in the US. So, aside from being perfect for Insta, what exactly is rolled ice cream? Essentially, the person behind the magic {your ice cream rolling technician} creates your ice cream while you wait for it. In liquid form, a base is poured onto a sub-zero metal slab {kind of like a pizza stone — except the opposite of hot}, and then as it chills into a creamy texture, the mix-ins of your choosing are chopped right into it. The blended ice cream is slathered across the slab with what looks like a spackle knife. and then scraped up into delicate and delectable rolls of your custom-blended ice cream.

The best part about Angel’s is that they boast using the finest non-GMO ingredients and organic milk, eggs, and sugar. They also offer a ton of wittily-titled flavors including Knocking on Heaven’s Door {vanilla with Nutella + banana or Nutella + strawberry}, Dark Angel {dark chocolate with raspberry}, Vegan Non-dairy Cocomo Kokomo {coconut base infused with roasted almonds}, Matcha Libra {green tea with red bean paste}, and the ever elusive Moonlight Sonata {early grey with hm…}. We’re intrigued, Angel’s. Not in the mood for ice cream? We won’t judge. Angel’s also offers crepes and a variety of coffees, teas, and lattes.

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And then the toppings… oh the toppings. The free toppings. {FYI — the one under the tape reads “cotton candy.”}

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Dairy-free friends, don’t turn away! Angel’s offers a coconut-based vegan option. And considering there aren’t many dairy-free ice cream options in the area, we’ll take it! Put that in your ice cream and roll it.

We ordered the dairy-free Cocomo Kokomo {see?} and the dairy-full Dark Angel and watched the magic rollup before our eyes. Keeping in mind that summer is right around the corner, we opted for some nice fruity toppings and dug into to our freshly made, smooth, and not overly sweet rolled up ice cream. Yes, please! {Editor’s note: I won’t lie, this doesn’t lead my list of dairy-free ice creams but topped with Teddy Grahams and a roasted marshmallow that was set aflame right in front of my eyes, this dessert is definitely working it’s way up the list.} And btw, we loooved the Dark Angel — story of my life, amiright?

Welcome to the Heights, Angel’s Recipe Ice Cream!

Let us know what you think of Angel’s Recipe Ice Cream Roll and tag us in your oh-so-Insta-worthy desserts @HobokenGirlBlog and #HobokenGirl!


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