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Gogi Grill Korean Barbecue in Hoboken {Downtown}

by Marley
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<3 building your own bowl {ahem, like us}? Hoboken’s newest downtown spot located at 79 Hudson Street, Gogi Grill is Korean BBQ for anyone who wants a fresh, super accessible taste of Korean cuisine in their own backyard. In fact, that’s the owner Inku’s mission…to bring Korean takeaway to the masses. Starting with Hoboken! 

When you walk in, you’ll get a “fast-casual” vibe, as Gogi Grill is centered around easy and delicious takeout in a relaxed atmosphere. But beyond the ambiance is a mix of deliciously authentic Korean food — and a variety of ingredients and options ranging from marinated Korean short ribs to chicken breast to shrimp to tofu.

Says Inku, ‘Many years ago, I was slaving away at a corporate job in midtown Manhattan. It was late. I was hungry. I wanted Korean BBQ. I didn’t have 1-2 hours to spend sitting at a table while servers gruffly and hastily cooked meat for me. “Why isn’t Korean food available on every block and in every town like Chinese food?’ I wondered. An idea was born.” From that moment on, Gogi Grill was on the map — and now in Hoboken, with a menu consisting of “bowls,” burritos, or tacos — all with authentic Korean flavors.

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Inku helped us build these beautiful bibimbap-style bowls in two completely different ways. Everything is house-made, sometimes with a twist. Keep reading see what’s inside.

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First let’s talk about my bowl. I LOVE anything pickled “kimchi*, spicy, and adventurous.

Her Bowl {designed by moi}:

  • A base of purple rice (it’s underneath but YES it’s purple!)
  • Tofu (very lightly fried)
  • Butter kimchi (Inku’s twist on kimchi that is a must-try here)
  • Sprouts 
  • Cucumber (marinated, I think it had sesame oil)
  • Korean-style spinach 
  • Korean red hot pepper sauce (the spiciest on the menu, very authentic)


Now let’s talk about my husband’s bowl. His tastes couldn’t be more different but the bowl came together beautifully…in went:

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His Bowl {also designed by moi}:

  • Sticky white rice (the classic)
  • Korean short rib (Gogi means “meat” & this is their signature item/a must-try)
  • Carrots (who doesn’t like carrots?)
  • Sweet potato vermicelli noodles (also known as japchae, mild & delish)
  • Garlicky corn (not so Korean but so buttery and yum)
  • Korean-style spinach
  • Green cilantro sauce (lightly spicy, lightly Mexican!)


Hopefully this gives you a better idea of Gogi Grill’s bowl-building magnificence. As far as hours, Gogi Grill is open seven days a week, Sunday–Thursday from 11 am to 10 pm and Friday and Saturday from 11 am to 11 pm. For the full menu, check here. It’s perfect for smuggling home and devouring over some Netflix .


Have you been to Gogi Grill yet? What did you put in your bowl? Tell us in the comments!



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