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New Italian Tapas Bar Coming to Jersey City from the Teams Behind dullboy + Orale

by Danielle Farina
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What do you get when you combine a Jersey City cocktail bar and an upscale taqueria? A brand new Italian tapas bar in downtown Jersey City. That’s right — dullboy and Orale Mexica Kitchen have joined forces to open ‘Jane Doe,’ a moody lounge and bar categorized by the sound of vinyl records, the taste of curated cocktails, and the smells of “artisanal” pasta dishes. Located at 333 Newark Avenue, Jane Doe is set to open sometime soon — and we’ve got the details. Read on for what we know about Jane Doe, the new Italian tapas bar coming to Jersey City from the teams behind dullboy and Orale.

The Details

In January of this year, an Instagram account by the handle @janedoejc posted six consecutive cryptic photos that together on the feed, displayed a neon sign reading “Jane Doe.” All captionless, these photos did little to explain anything at all — but from the account’s bio, “Coming Soon,” we were able to glean that something new was headed to Jersey City.

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After months of silence, the HDSID non-profit confirmed on Facebook yesterday that something new is coming to Jersey City, and it comes in the form of an Italian tapas bar called Jane Doe. What’s more, the new project is a joint venture between two downtown Jersey City staples: dullboy (cocktail bar) and Orale Mexican Kitchen (upscale taqueria).

Jane Doe is situated at 333 Newark Avenue, around the corner from other prominent JC businesses like Cellar 335, White Eagle Hall, and newcomer Madame, which took over the former Madame Claud Bis space.

On its website, Jane Doe captures itself as triple threat: “restaurant, cocktail bar, and vinyls.” Accordingly, the “curated cocktails” and “artisanal pasta dishes” are accompanied by the sound of vinyl records, bringing a moody ambiance to an already explorative menu.

Although described as a “tapas bar,” Jane Doe’s menu is expansive, with snacks, sharable appetizers, pastas, and entrees all available for choosing from. Here, dishes like a “Six Minute Egg” (soy balsamic marinated soft egg, prosciutto, rosemary salt), Octopus Carpaccio (thinly sliced octopus, salsamorrigio, fried capers, pickled fresnos, lemon zest, parsley), and Sausage + Peppers Piadina (not telling you shit) (this is seriously how it reads on the website), can find a home in the same kitchen. The complete menu is live now, which you can check out at this link.

The cocktails are just as wide-reaching as their food counterparts. Expect lots of Japanese whiskey, bourbon, tequila, gin, and vermouth concoctions, all packaged neatly with names like “the naked + famous,” “el president,” and “water lily.” If you’re a liquor-avoidant, no worries — there’s a separate menu for wines and beers, which you can peruse to your heart’s content here.

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The Hoboken Girl reached out to Jane Doe to confirm an opening date, but thus far has not received a response. What do know is that signage is already up at the 333 Newark Avenue outpost and interior progress is well underway.

Of course, we’ll keep you updated as details unfold. For now, stay in the know on all things Hoboken + Jersey City by keeping up with @thehobokengirl on Instagram + TikTok.

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