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El Gordo Eatery: A Taste of Peru In Jersey City

by Hannah Taub
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Lizeth Morales’ mother always wanted to start her own business. In 1966, she was a single mother working as a housekeeper in a hotel and wanted a better life for her daughters. One day, she was driving around and came across a Greek Diner in Passaic New Jersey. Something about the location really resonated with her and from there it became her own. The Passaic location is still operated and managed by her mother today. They have four locations right now {Jersey City, the original in Passaic, Patterson, and a new location in Union}, and if you have not been to El Gordo in Jersey City, do not walk …run! They recently opened up a new location in Union, New Jersey — proving that the demand for Peruvian food is there in full force, and for good reason. This place is truly one of a kind offering real authentic Peruvian inspired food in New Jersey. 

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The Start to Something Big

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Cooking and the love of food has been ingrained in Lizeth’s family for as long as she can remember, shares Lizeth. “My grandmother had a strong culinary background, being a chef in Peru for many years, so she grew up cooking with my grandmother and mother,” she shared with Hoboken Girl.

And after a drive around town that would prove to change their lives, El Gordo was founded by Lizeth’s mother in the ‘60s.  

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“We believe good food opens the door to culture. Our goal is for everyone who dines at our locations to receive a true cultural experience where they can indulge in the succulent flavors of Peruvian cuisine all while feeling a sense of family,” she told us. “Our belief is that we are a place where people gather and come together to share life’s simple pleasures which are to be in good company, with good food. ” 

And they speak true to the core values that started the delicious Peruvian eatery. 

About The Menu

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From first-timers to their regular Peruvian customers, the team caters to all and it truly shows. El Gordo is a small family-style business; they put their heart and soul into all the food they serve, and it’s why they’ve become a household Peruvian {and beyond!} name, and why they’re able to expand. 

All dishes have secret family recipes that keep people coming back for more… and more. El Gordo is best known for its Peruvian Rotisserie Chicken + Famous El Gordo Green Sauce {this recipe comes right from Lizeth’s mother and grandmother} — their version of hot sauce — and they encourage customers to put it on everything. Another top seller is their house-made ceviche, which also happens to be Lizeth’s personal favorite, made from the freshest of fish and seafood in a traditional Peruvian style. 

“There are so many ways to make ceviche, but we make it the way a grandma in Lima would!” Lizeth explained about the authentic recipes that she holds dear to her heart.

The Ceviche Mixto has raw fresh fish, calamari, octopus, shrimp, + mussels marinated in lime juice served with onions, sweet potato, and corn. The menu has so much to offer and customers love getting traditional sides such as yellow rice otherwise known as Arroz Amarillo + Maduros aka sweet plantains. 

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How to Order Delivery + Exclusive HG Offer

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El Gordo is now open for outdoor dining Friday – Sunday, the restaurant is BYOB so bring some delicious wine to sip with your food!  They are also open for takeout and delivery during the week and as a bonus, HG readers can receive a 15% discount on any online order for delivery or pick up by using the code “Hobokengirl15″ — order now here:  https://elgordoeats.com/


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