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All About Base: A One-Stop-Shop Gym in Jersey City

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There are a plethora of options for workouts in Jersey City, sometimes making it hard to choose. But if you’re looking for a state-of-the-art fitness facility, look no further than Base located in downtown Jersey City. It seems as though every day there is a new edition to downtown JC, and to keep up with the high demand of residents migrating to the area, it’s only right to have a stunning one-stop shop gym. Keep reading to learn all about Base, a one-stop-shop gym in Jersey City located at 60 Christopher Columbus Drive.

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What’s Offered at Base

Base has everything you need from yoga, spin, and barre classes, to a spa, personal training, a luxe juice bar, sauna, and more. Base prides itself on its personal training program. Rest assured if you are looking to kick your body into a healthier state of mind, one of the facility’s 15 trainers will put you on the right track.

If you’re more of a class person, there are anywhere from eight to 14 classes that go on per day. Zumba, spin, CrossFit, booty classes {because summer is right around the corner}, and more.

base bar jersey city

Beyond the workouts, Basebody Spa is partnered with Aveda to bring you an array of massages to relax post-workout. To top off your workout visit, Basebar for a shake or to some grab some food.

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Plus, if you’ve got post-workout plans, the locker rooms are fully stocked with everything you need. Start with a sit in the sauna, then shower, blow dry your hair, apply makeup in one of the facility’s stunning vanities, and be on your way.

The Location

The gym is located at 60 Columbus Drive, right outside of the Grove Street PATH stop. With your membership, you will receive free two-hour parking located above the gym. The front of the gym has tables and benches for anyone who’d like to hang out after a workout.

The Membership

base gym jersey city

If you live or work locally you can receive a first-time trial experience on Base. Simply sign up at basenj.com. Residents at 50/70/90 Columbus receive free gym membership to Base for being residents in the buildings. You can choose from multiple memberships either contracted or not. There is an enrollment fee for each member of $125-$200. One of the most popular memberships is the 12 Month Complete which is $190 per month and includes one Basebody massage per month, three personal training sessions, 12 guest passes, and a $100 Basebar credit onto your account.

The Base Experience

To get the full-on gym experience, we took two classes and toured the gym during two separate business hours.

base gym barre class

The first class was Barre Burn. The instructor, Morgan, will make you work at the barre. This class was 100 percent female, but males are more than welcomed to participate.

Unlike other barre classes, this class is taught on a hardwood floor which can make it a little tough, but you have the option to wear sneakers during the class. Utilizing props like sliders and weighted balls, this 45-minute class had us sweating. Plus, the Base X main studio room is really nice to workout in.

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Unlike many gyms that tuck their classrooms in the back of the gym, this room is right in front with natural light shining in, setting a great scene for a kick-butt workout.

The second class we took was BaseBeast, which takes place in the gym’s CrossFit room. This class will have you feeling sore in all body parts. Although it may look intimidating from the outside, it is open to all levels. All movements and stations are demonstrated by the instructor to ensure a safe and fun workout environment. This class was a mix of male and females of all ages.

Stop in for your free trial pass to experience this amazing gym for yourself.

Have you been to Base in Jersey City yet? Let us know in the comments!

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