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What’s {Good} Here: Ghostface Killah Burger at Jersey City’s Left Bank Burger Bar

by Marley
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We may not know our old school rappers extremely well, but, if there’s one thing we do know, it’s burgers. And so, we can confidently say the “Ghostface Killah” burger at Left Bank Burger Bar in Jersey City would do the entire Wu Tang Clan very, very proud. Behold.

ghost face killah burger left bank burger bar

^ The Ghostface Killer Burger. 

Left Bank Burger Bar is located a few blocks from the Grove Street PATH station for easy access from NYC or Hoboken. There’s outside seating a very casual, burger-y interior with full bar. You should go because this burger rules everything around me C.B.R.E.A.M. {Sorry, had to.} Here’s what’s inside this mama…

left bank burger bar

11 dollar burger ya’ll. It’s an espresso rubbed patty {and a good sized, grass fed, hand patted patty at that}, ghost pepper jam {omg}, smoked gouda {also #fave}, sweet potato-bacon tots, red onion, and mustard BBQ sauce. So worth it.

Pause for a moment on the sweet potato-bacon tot topping. This isn’t like cafeteria tots. This is like one giant sweet potato-bacon tot patty right on top of the beef patty so every single bite has a lil’ crispy sweet magic in it. These people are geniuses. 

ghost face killer burger onion rings jersey city

As for sides, you must go with the onion rings. As you can see,we tried a mix of rings & sweet potato fries…but the rings {you get about 5 GIANT ones} are really special. Big, juicy onions inside perfectly breaded crispiness. Omg.

Now, I went on about the “Ghostface Killer”, but these guys have several burger compilations like the veggie “Garden State” {another go-to}, the “Mac Daddy” {mac & cheese make you wanna…}, and the “Cyprus Hill” {toss that lamb patty in the frying pan}. They have an unlimited amount of options, so truly, the sky is the limit. You can also build your own from a delectable selection of toppings, cheeses, and patties. Here’s the full menu to get your wheels turning. Insane in the brain.

Have you guys ever been to Left Bank Burger Bar? What did you get?

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