• 15 Fox Place in Jersey City: 10 Things to Know Before Eating at This Hidden Gem

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    It’s North Jersey. We have an abundance of delicious and authentic Italian spots, many on and off-the-beaten. But only the savviest of diners and Hudson County locals already know about 15 Fox Place, a true hidden gem in Jersey City. This family-run establishment is simply one-of-a-kind, and 1000% worth the visit, even if just once. Located at — you guessed it — 15 Fox Place in the west Journal Square area of JC. Here’s more about a recent visit to 15 Fox Place in Jersey City, one of the most unique restaurant dining experiences this side of the Hudson River:

    15 fox place jersey city

    1. 15 Fox Place is inside a house, so don’t be concerned when the Uber/taxi drops you off in the middle of a neighborhood.

    15 fox place jersey city

    Be excited instead. The New York Times called 15 Fox Place “a delicious touch of the speakeasy about it — a sense that only those who know the password can gain admission.” Read more here.

    2. Everyone *MUST* come hungry. Can’t reiterate this enough.

    15 fox place dinner menu

    Multiple courses over a span of 2.5 hours = this is not a ‘grab dinner and get on the road’-type of place. It should be THE stop of the evening. There are 6 courses {but it feels like 20}, so be ready. The dishes are all Italian, with a variety of pastas, chicken, and other meats.

    3. The meal is pre-fixed + family-style {and BYOB}.

    15 fox place jersey city meal

    Our meals were $95 per person not including tax and tip, so unless rolling in the big bucks and wanna make this a weekly Augustino’s-esque routine, this will be a special treat. Total bill per person came out to around $125/head, and then we brought {loads of} wine and champagne on our own. There are a limited amount of seatings each night, and 15 Fox Places only offers Thursday, Friday, and Saturday reservations.

    4. Chances are Chef Rich and his son, Marc, will come by to chat and see how things are going.

    It’s a family-run establishment, so the servers, maître d, etc. are all friendly and want to make sure everything is served to perfection. There will be about 5-6 appetizer plates to pass around the table, just to give an idea of the amount of food. NBD.

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    5. You’ll get breathing breaks {LEGIT needed} between courses, and the staff will let you explore the house {which is adorably decorated and reminiscent of Grandma’s house}.

    The space is so cute and will bring anyone back to nonna’s/bubby’s/gma’s house, 10000%. We even got to talk to Chef Richard, in the kitchen {there are two kitchens — one upstairs and one down}. He’s been living in Jersey City for over 60 years. Richard and his wife Kathryn started the restaurant and actually lived at 15 Fox Place until the early 2000s.

    15 fox place jersey city interior

    Decked out for Christmas.

    Tragically, Kathryn passed away over the summer of 2018, but Rich and his son Marc + their family have been continuing the traditions and meals on in her memory.

    15 fox place kathryn budinich

    Photo Credit: Instagram via @15Fox Place from this summer. The caption reads, “Devastating news family💔
    Our owner,creator, talented chef & my mom has passed. @15foxplace will never be the same.”

    6. The spot is an awesome place for a date night, but probably more amazing for a larger group.

    Seriously there is SO. MUCH. FOOD. Extra assistance to finish it = necessary. We went for a 9-person Friendsgiving situation, and all ended up overstuffed, even with nine people in tow. Of course, since it’s family-style, they’ll make less for a party of two or four, but just something to make a note.

    15 fox place

    Our Friendsgiving table = got us so in the mood for the holidays. 

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    7. Make reservations in advance. And don’t be concerned after calling and leaving a voicemail — someone will {most likely} call  back. Just call early and often.

    Similar to Augustino’s, the call will be returned within a few days for the most part. So plan ahead.

    8. The restaurant will make accommodations for dietary restrictions.

    15 fox place food

    All of the above = dairy-free and served separately from other food. They even held the parmesan and served it separately!

    When the reservation was made, one of our guests had a dairy allergy and they were more than accommodating {even though during the call the woman appeared a bit flustered — understandably, it is an Italian restaurant after all, filled with cheese}. But as a whole, 15 Fox Place was very helpful and made the dinner happen for one person sans cheese.

    9. This won’t be the best food you’ve ever tasted, but it will be one of the coolest dining experiences you’ll ever have.

    Don’t get us wrong – the food was AMAZING. Michelin starred? Probably not, but everything was hearty, authentic American-Italian, and overall made with love, care, and from-scratch ingredients {think stuffed chicken, stuffed peppers, eggplant parmesan, cacio e Pepe, etc}. It varies what is served nightly, but the little nip of limoncello served at the end is the perfect finale to an exquisitely memorable meal.

    10. There is no menu.

    15 fox place

    Self explanatory. Be adventurous, live a little {and enjoy salad in a bowl of bread}. You’ll be fine. And pleasantly surprised releasing dinner control/rolling home after loads of comfort food. Just like at Grandma’s.

    FYI: Catering is one of 15 Fox Place’s specialties; the family owns a catering business on the side and they’ve been known to host weddings {albeit small} at the 15 Fox Place house. Definitely inquire if interested!

    To make a reservation, call 201-333-1476 and leave a voicemail. That’s pretty much the only way.

    Have you visited 15 Fox Place? What did you think?


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