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Sober Shot: Serving Sparkling Espresso in Jersey City 

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There’s nothing better than an espresso for that middle of the day pick-me-up, except maaaybe an espresso shot with a twist. A sparkling espresso is served up by Sober Shot, a coffeehouse located on 514 Jersey Avenue in Jersey City, with plenty of frothy goodness made daily. A welcoming, spacious shop with ample room for sitting and sipping completed by several murals of cats adorning the walls {including the founder’s own}, Sober Shot has been steadily gaining steam {pun intended} since its opening on April 27th of this year. Keep reading to learn all about Sober Shot, one of Jersey City’s newest coffee shops.

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About the Owner

Founder and CEO Stella Lin created the concept for Sober Shot while working on her master’s thesis in hospitality at Fairleigh Dickinson University. A native of Taiwan, Lin based her thesis on what Americans like to drink and decided to use her research to open up a shop. “Americans like to drink coffee and [things that are] sparkling,” says Stella Lin, on the idea for Sober Shot. “I thought we could combine those two things together.”  

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Using beans sourced from Colombia and drawing on prior experience working in coffee shops, Lin created the menu by experimenting with different ways of mixing up caffeinated drinks, made “sparkling” with a “white top” {Sober Shot’s mix of whole milk, condensed milk and heavy cream — yummm}.


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The Menu 

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Sober Shot also has a “Blue Surge” menu, featuring drinks mixed with butterfly pea flower tea {also known as Blue Tea}, and inspired by Lin’s recent trip to Thailand. Originating from South-East Asia and used in Ayurvedic medicine, the tea is used to help anxiety and stress as well as boost memory and promote relaxation {sounds good to us}. When the tea is added to something hot, it turns the water blue, and when added to something sour {like the Honey Romance, a drink that includes lemonade}, it fades from blue to purple to pink, resulting in some bright + delicious {and Insta-worthy} beverages. 

Even with all of these offerings, Sober Shot maintains a small and straightforward menu. “I want to keep everything simple,” Lin says, emphasizing the quality of the product and limited drink options {and just one cup size available}. The adorable signature logo lends itself well to this theme, which is the outline of a cup pouring out a drop of milk.

Sober Shot also provides snacks to go along with those delish drinks {never a bad thing} in the form of egg boxes, a traditional Taiwanese street food. One box comes with eight spongy cakes that are filled with either sweet or sour flavors depending on preference, from custard and chocolate to tuna salad and spicy pork melt.

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Lin has already noticed that some drinks are becoming more popular at the shop, including the famed sober shot {sparkling espresso with a white top} and the sexy matcha. Indulging in the Blue Monday with almond milk {an iced latte mixed with butterfly pea flower}, the Hoboken Girl team has found it to be served very pleasantly and not too strong, making for easy sipping with a slight hint of sweetness {and we’ll definitely be back for more}. Quality drinks and a relaxing atmosphere make Sober Shot a satisfying way to spend the afternoon with some tasty drinks to boot.

Have you been to Sober Shot yet?  Let us know your thoughts in the comments! 

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