Simply-Chai Opens in Hoboken at Former Sunnyside Cafe Space

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There’s a lot of coffee in the Mile Square, and now there’s about to be an overabundance of chai tea. Simply-Chai at 79 Hudson Street has recently opened and is bringing a variety of delicious masala chai tea drinks to Hoboken {and beyond, for those on the go}.

In fact, Simply-Chai is the latest venture from owners you might find familiar — Anand Patel and his partner of Hidden Grounds Coffee in Jersey City and more recently, Hoboken. According to “Our Story,” on the Hidden Grounds Coffee official website, the owners score spices for masala chai from a mother in India. With their latest shop, it’s safe to say you’ll be getting that same fresh chai with delicious and authentic ingredients straight from India. Keep reading to find out all about Simply-Chai, which has opened in the former Sunnyside Cafe space in Hoboken. 

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The Vibe

simply chai inside

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At Simply-Chai, there’s no denying — the space looks inviting, intentional, and like a haven for tea-lovers everywhere {and eerily similar to the former Sunnyside Cafe space — but hey, let’s face it, it’s inevitable that the space stays a tea house of some sort}.

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simply chai wall

{Photo credit: Lara Cohn}

You’ll find written in neon script on the wall, “Good morning, Sunshine!” {thank goodness that stayed put!} as well as an abundance of reclaimed wood and greenery. Plants sit on nearly every shelf or surface and the neon sign is still situated on the green moss wall of our dreams.

The Simply-Chai vibe is apparent from the second you approach the building’s front door. Above the entranceway is some ornate molding with two awnings on either side, framing the storefront windows.

It has all the charm that Hudson Street shops generally have to offer, and stays true to the good vibes of Sunnyside from the last few years.

Food + Drink

simply chai drink

{Photo credit: Lara Cohn}

Prior to its opening, the owners behind Simply-Chai had been using gorgeous pictures of their drink recipes to start hyping people up for the official grand opening.

simply chai menu

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Now that the menu has been released and the shop opened, tea-lovers will find masala chai on there, as well a Royal Saffron Chai drink {a mixture of saffron + chai and an energizing shot of matcha green tea}.

simply chai menu 2

{Photo credit: Lara Cohn}

simply chai waffles

{Photo credit: Lara Cohn}

Plus, the new locale also boasts sweeter treats like waffles {with fun names like Mom’s Favorite and Bombay Dreams}.

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The Culture

simply chai moms

A massive part of Simply-Chai seems to be culture. As mentioned on their site, Simply-Chai and Hidden Grounds Coffee get their spices from moms in India. But on Instagram, the owners are not shy about showing their gratitude to the moms that have helped them perfect their delicious chai recipes.

In one IG post, they wrote, “A huge shout out to our moms for helping us with chai recipes.”

simply chai outside

{Photo credit: Lara Cohn}

Welcome to the neighborhood, Simply-Chai!

What’s your favorite coffee shop or tea place in Mile Square? Let us know in the comments!

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