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A Guide to The Coffee Shops of Jersey City

by Lauren
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If you’re looking for a new place to get your morning coffee or afternoon pick-me-up — read on. Hoboken Girl has scouted out some great places to get this much-coveted beverage in Jersey City, whether you frequent downtown, Bergen-Lafayette, McGinley Square, the Heights, or elsewhere, Jersey City has a little something for everyone when it comes to caffeine. Here’s your guide to the coffee shops of Jersey City:

9 Bar Café | 18 Erie Street & 200 Greene Street at The Urby

9 bar coffee jersey city

With two locations in Jersey City, 9 Bar, named for the amount of pressure needed to make a perfect espresso shot, hosts a range of cold and hot classics like machiattos, cortados, and Nitro cold brew. There are also delightful breakfast and lunch selections including quiche, muffins (both regular and gluten-free), cookies, and Italian-style sandwiches.

Dairy-free milk available: oat, almond, soy, coconut

Beechwood Cafe | 290 Grove Street & 18 Park View Ave.

beechwood cafe jersey city

With a full restaurant for breakfast and lunch located on Grove Street and the B18 Coffee Kitchen near Harsimus Cove, the Beechwood crew has you covered.  The coffee here is on-point, with a slightly bitter taste and hints of vanilla (definitely try the iced coffee). Beechwood also offers egg sandwiches, wraps, and Korean bowls with Bulgogi or Bibimbap for an afternoon meal.

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Bleu Coffee | 56 Beacon Way + 175 2nd Street, Jersey City

With two coffee shops based in Jersey City, there is a lot of Bleu Coffee to go around. This spot works to sell single-origin and roasted-to-order coffee for local Jersey City residents. Bleu Coffee serves both hot and cold drinks to satisfy coffee enthusiasts’ cravings. Some of the options include cold brew, lattes, macchiatos, and espresso drinks, among others.

Butler Cafe | 350 Warren Street

butler cafe jersey city

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(Photo credit: @butlercafejc)

Enjoy a tête-à-tête in the comfy chairs, set up shop at the community laptop table, or just or enjoy the outside view from the inside while sipping on some coffee. They offer a wide variety of hot and iced drinks, as well as savory and sweet food options. Whether you’re stopping by for your morning coffee, lunch, or an afternoon snack, they’ve got you covered.

Dairy-free milk available: oat, almond

bwè kafe | 140 River Drive South

hoboken girl blog bwe kafe coffee

With locations in Jersey City and Hoboken, bwè features coffee beans sourced directly from Haiti, with two delicious methods used to brew the coffee, including the “pour over” method for hot coffee and the Japanese slow drip for iced coffee. Pair with savory treats like cheddar scones, a chocolate chip pumpkin muffin or any of the number of gluten-free treats available.

Dairy-free milk available: oat, almond, soy

Cafe Madelaine | 34 Coles Street

cafe madelina jersey city

(Photo credit: @cafe_madelaine)

Featuring coffee and tea, this café also has uniquely French options like the Les Croques (fried and baked sandwiches with ham and lots of gooey cheese), as well as homemade quiches and sandwiches on flaky baguettes.

Dairy-free milk available: almond, oat, coconut, soy

Choc O Pain | 530 Jersey Ave. & 330 Palisade Ave.

With locations downtown and in the Heights, this is the perfect place for just-baked breads and pastries like Flourless Chocolate Heaven Cake, macarons and apple tarts. Check out the breakfast and lunch menu which changes daily and includes quiche and croissants, and pair classic coffee brews like cappuccino, café latte, and café Americano.

Dairy-free milk available: oat, almond

Cocoa Bakery | 275 Grand Street & 475 Central Ave.

cocoa bakery jersey city

With no shortage of cookie, cake, and pastry varieties, Cocoa Bakery also has plenty of coffee and teas as well as hot chocolate and hot mulled cider (perfect for fall!). Don’t forget to pick up a cake truffle on your way out.

Dairy-free milk available: oat, almond, soy

Dames Coffee Espresso Bar | 581 Jersey Avenue

dames espresso jersey city

(Photo credit: @damesespresso)

With daily-made juices and baked goods like mini almond croissants and banana bread, Dames also features tasty drinks like butterscotch lattes, espresso and flavorful iced teas (lime hibiscus anyone?). There is also a charming garden in the back for a nice day of coffee sipping outdoors, and the baristas are pretty serious about their foam art.

Dream Vista | 177 York Street

dream vista(Photo credit: @dreamvistajc)

This charming spot is the sister location to Cafe Vista in Hoboken. Visitors here can enjoy the Insta-worthy setting while sipping brews from Abbotsford Road roastery. The coffee menu has all the classics, and a special section that includes Turkish blends, in honor of the owner’s native country. A variety of loose-leaf tea blends are also available, as is an incredible array of flavored syrups, including pumpkin and caramel, perfect for the fall season.

Dairy-free milk available: oat, almond, soy

Froth on Franklin | 85 Franklin Street

froth on franklin jersey city

(Photo credit: @frothonfranklin)

This cozy little coffee shop features both hot and iced drinks like matcha tea and cold brew and a pretty stellar pastry case with treats like a chili cheddar pretzel twist and vegan (and gluten free!) chocolate doughnuts.

Dairy-free milk available: oat, almond, soy, coconut

Gregorys Coffee | 10 Exchange Place & 532 Washington Blvd

gregorys coffee jersey city

(Photo credit: @gregoryscoffee)

With locations near the Exchange Place and Newport PATH stations, this popular NYC chain brews its own (pretty strong) coffee with flavors like Gregs House Blend made with Colombian coffee and the La Pradera Gesha blend with floral and fruity notes.

Dairy-free milk available: unsweetened hemp, oat, almond, silk soy

Hidden Grounds Coffee | 141 1st Street &  276 1st Street

hidden grounds coffee hoboken

With two locations in Downtown Jersey City, Hidden Grounds serves up its custom coffee brews with flavors like Brazil Decaf (notes of lemon, butter, and chocolate) and Easton Espresso (with the taste of milk chocolate and cherries) as well as a variety of tea blends.

Hudson’s Grill | 160 Greene Street

(Photo credit: @eatthg)

Located in Harborside Financial Center, this is the perfect place to pop in for a cup of nutty Lavazza coffee before work or for your afternoon break. There are also plenty of omelet and bagel sandwich options for breakfast as well as lunch specials weekly.

Dairy-free milk available: oat, almond

Hybrid Coffee & Kitchen | 398 Manila Ave.

hybrid coffee jersey city

(Photo credit: @drinkhybrid)

Chilltown’s first-ever coffee shop on wheels opened a brick-and-mortar location with the same delicious coffee options and an extended food menu. The owner is BNR in Jersey City. From the coffee to the food and the design of the shop, everything is chic, fun and will keep you coming back for more.

Dairy-free milk available: oat, almond, macadamia

Kaffa Espresso Bar | 276 Newark Avenue

kaffa espresso bar jersey city

Kaffa Espresso Bar serves up traditional favorites such as hot chocolate, chai tea, cortados, macchiatos, lattes, and of course espresso shots, along with other items like pastries and eventually sandwiches.

Dairy-free milk available: soy, oat, almond

Lackawanna Coffee | 295 Grove Street + 140 Bay Street

lackawanna coffee jersey city

(Photo credit: @lackawannacoffee)

Located close to the Grove Street PATH station with a cute back patio for outdoor seating, check out the large variety of distinct beverages offered here including the Black Sesame Latte, the Wildflower Honey Latte or the Japanese Style iced coffee, along with delectable fresh-baked scones and cookies.

Dairy-free milk available: oat, almond, macadamia

Lil Dove Coffee | 589 Palisade Ave.

lil dove cafe pumpkin spice

Decorated in a mix of soft, neutral-toned furniture, with pops of color thanks to the amazing greenery and vintage wallpaper, Lil’ Dove Cafe is every coffee drinker’s dream place to sip, stay for a while with your people, or get work done. It’s located in the Heights and has top-notch avocado toast if that’s your thing as well.

Dairy-free milk available: oat, almond

Modcup Coffee Company | 479 Palisade Ave., 25 Senate Place, and Exchange Place

mod cup coffee jersey city

(Photo credit: @modcupcoffee)

With a location in the Heights, Journal Square and a coffee cart located near the food court in Harborside Financial Center, Modcup has a variety of coffee brews with complex, rich flavors from locations like Guatemala, Honduras, Costa Rica and more.

Dairy-free milk available: macadamia, oat

Prato Cafe & Bakery | 371 4th Street & 150 Bay Street

Is there any better pairing than coffee and cantucci? We don’t think so, and we’re so lucky that there are now two Prato locations to enjoy this classic combo.  Cantucci are small cookies, similar to biscotti, that are the regional speciality of Prato, Italy. Enjoy one or several with any of the delicious coffee drinks on offer, hot and iced. We’re partial to the Cioccolatte, a latte made with Nutella.

Dairy-free milk available: oat, almond

Sam A.M. Café | 112 Morris Street

sam am cafe jersey city

(Photo credit: @sam_am_cafe)

This is a lovely little place in Paulus Hook to get your brunch and coffee fix, especially on the weekends. Check out the homemade Sam A.M. roast or the cold brew coffee and pair with the tempting baked goods {pecan sticky bun anyone?} or the appetizing breakfast sandwiches.

Dairy-free milk available: oat, almond, soy

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Scram | 61 Erie Street

(Photo credit: @scramjc)

This Hamilton Park shop is open from Thursdays through Sundays, but the line out the door on weekends speaks to its popularity. Scram brews Parlor Coffee, a Brooklyn-based roastery, and often has special teas or house-made sodas on offer. There is no indoor seating, so plan to take your order home, or walk to nearby Hamilton Park for a picnic.

The Cliff | 38 Congress Street

the cliff jersey city avocado toast

Another excellent locale in the Heights, The Cliff has both vegan and gluten-free breakfast and lunch options. Check out the “Bowl of…” with quinoa, harissa, feta, yogurt sauce, and kalamata olives — yum!  The Cliff also offers refreshing drinks like watermelon mint juice, matcha lemonade and smoothies. The iced coffee and pastries are also not-to-be-missed and baked daily.  If you happen to be there on a day when they have gluten-free doughnuts in stock, you are in luck!

Dairy-free milk available: oat, almond, coconut, soy

The Grind Shop | 360 Communipaw Ave.

hoboken girl of the week shane

This coffee shop in the Bergen-Lafayette neighborhood of Jersey City is your one-stop shop for all things caffeine and sweets. The Grind Shop serves La Colombe Coffee and Doughnut Plant doughnuts (which look and taste heavenly). Dairy-free peeps — there are options for you, too, including oat milk which is always a win.

Dairy-free milk available: oat, almond

Treehouse Coffee Shop | 434A West Side Avenue + 205 Brunswick Street

Since 2019, Treehouse Coffee Shop has been serving the Jersey City community for all of its java needs. Its first location opened up at 434A West Side Avenue and in April 2023, the spot opened its second location at 205 Brunswick Street. Treehouse’s coffee menu includes cold brew, organic drip coffee, cafe au lait, and a Vietnamese Red Eye, to name a few. Pastries are also available to accompany your drink order — from croissants to a Lil’ Bear Financier.

Dairy-free milk available: hemp, oat, almond, soy, coconut, macadamia

The Cottage | 136 Monticello Ave.

(Photo credit: @thecottagejc)

The cheerful yellow awning is your signal that it’s time to relax. Order up one The Cottage’s house-made pastries and a coffee drink, and head on out to the back patio for a relaxing afternoon. The coffee menu covers all the bases, from a simple hot cup to a caramel macchiato, and there are many non-dairy options for the vegans and vegetarians. There is live music on weekends, and usually some sort of seasonal focus on the menu. This fall, it’s apples.

Dairy-free milk available: oat, almond, soy, coconut, cashew, hemp, pistachio


Where’s your favorite spot to grab a cup of coffee in Jersey City? Share with us in the comments below!

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