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Hoboken Dogs Enjoying Pumpkin Pupaccinos from Hudson Coffee

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It’s that time of the year — apple picking, sweater weather, watching the foliage come in, and of course pumpkin spiced lattes. Autumn is a wonderful time for our four-legged fam as well, though until now they’ve never been able to join in on the PSL fun.

pumpkin spice latte

Puparazzi NYC recently teamed up with Hudson Coffee to make pumpkin fall beverages for puppers a reality, and the coffee shop now serves Puparazzi Pumpkin Pupacinnos made with real pumpkin & other dog-friendly ingredients.

A little about Hudson Coffee:

Police officer Justin DePascale didn’t like coffee and never drank it until being assigned to the late night unit. Staying alert made drinking coffee a necessity, but over time, DePascale learned to appreciate the hot beverage. After years of his brewing obsession with coffee, he can’t imagine life without it.

“It’s surprising that I went from disliking coffee to having a real passion for it now,” said DePascale. “I tasted some really bad brews during my years on the police force, so when I discovered truly good coffee, everything changed. I began to seek out specialty coffees and wanted to try different beans from around the world.” He is thrilled to share his love of coffee with Hoboken at Hudson Coffee Company.

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DePascale, an avid animal lover, jumped at the chance to offer a dog-friendly drink. “Many of our patrons have dogs & often I see them waiting outside,” said DePascale. “I always felt bad that their humans got their treat fix but the pups left my shop empty-handed. I’m so glad Puparazzi & I are able to collaborate on this!”

With no further ado here are some hilarious & adorable photos of Hoboken pups slurping up Pupaccinos:

Zap Fitness

puppacinos hoboken hudson coffee

All of the Hoboken dogs were a little unsure of what to make of the Pupaccinos at first.

puppacinos hoboken hudson coffee

But with one sniff of that whipped cream & pumpkin, they quickly dug into the deliciousness!

puppacinos hoboken hudson coffee

Greyson & Olive didn’t mind going halfsies.

puppacinos hoboken hudson coffee

While others pooches preferred not to share.

puppacinos hoboken hudson coffee

Millie the Goldendoodle took her sweet time savoring every slurp…

puppacinos hoboken hudson coffee

…while Reese, a pumpkin enthusiast, couldn’t help herself.

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puppacinos hoboken hudson coffee

Ella Mae did her happy treat dance. She was brimming with anticipation for her Pupaccino!

puppacinos hoboken hudson coffee


puppacinos hoboken hudson coffee

…or neat! There’s no right or wrong way to enjoy these pup-tastic treats.

puppacinos hoboken hudson coffee

Hugo also was so amped that almost knocked it out of his mom’s hand!

puppacinos hoboken hudson coffee

Lip smackin’ good!

puppacinos hoboken hudson coffee

Ruby, a seasoned dog treat foodie, can smell whipped cream from blocks away.

puppacinos hoboken hudson coffee

These dogs are clearly living their best life…

puppacinos hoboken hudson coffee

…and at the end of the day that’s what it’s all about. Giving your dog the best life. After all, dogs are not property or simply pets but family members who deserve the same treatment & love as humans {and if that means letting them enjoy a PSL, so be it}.

The Pumpkin Pupaccinos will be available until supplies last but there will be more varieties in the coming months. Stop by Hudson Coffee and have your furry BFF try one! 🐶🍁✨

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