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When it comes to going out with your wingman, there truly may be no better wingman ever in life than your dog. Seriously though, just walking down the street with a dog {as a man or a woman}, you’re guaranteed to get stopped on the reg by adoring ladies and gents. {It’s pretty much a fact.} So when nightfall comes and you’re trying to enjoy a nice evening out with a few cold ones or cocktails, take note of these Hoboken bars that actually allow dogs to be patrons.


^When your dog has a penchant for booze, ya gotta allow it… 

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1. Louise and Jerry’s {329 Washington Street}

A self-proclaimed dive bar, L&J’s is located on Washington Street, and is well-known to be super dog-friendly. In fact, they’ve even hosted a doggie costume contest in the past. They have a jukebox, straightforward drinks, and a lowkey crowd — plus, a pool table in case your pup wants to cheer you on as you pool shark the crowd.

2. Ale House {1034 Willow Avenue}

One of the only uptown spots that allows dogs, the Ale House is super dog friendly and doesn’t usually have an insane crowd where your dog would feel skittish or overwhelmed. The bar boasts a pool table, juke box, and shuffleboard, so you can keep yourself entertained for a good portion of the night. Just be careful in the darts area, which could be a bit dangerous with rogue darts for your pup!

3. Mulligan’s {159 1st Street}

For the dog that is into soccer {football!} and watching the game on TV, Mulligan’s is your downtown spot. You can cheer on your football team at early hours in the AM with your pup by your side {Mulligan’s opens at odd hours to make sure you can catch the games in other time zones}.

4. Cork City {239 Bloomfield Street}

A beer-lover’s heaven {and a bit of a break from the typical downtown Hoboken bar scene}, Cork City offers 150 varieties of bottles and is a bit off the beaten path — of course, they allow dogs! Cork City also has a rotating tap, so the beer options differ on a routine basis. Puppies and new beer to try? Win/Win!

5. Tally Ho {215 Washington Street}

If you happen to be strolling along Washington Street with your pup and feeling a bit thirsty, pop into Tally Ho. This popular downtown spot {that you’ve most likely spent many late nights at} is allowing dogs to join in on the fun all day on Wednesdays and Sundays all day and during happy hour daily from Wednesday – Sunday. Though this spot doesn’t serve food {hence why they allow pups}, you can easily place an order from Sauced next door — buffalo cauliflower, FTW.

6. The Backyard Bar {359 1st Street}

You may have heard the news lately that the Nag’s Head pub on First Street in Hoboken has closed after 22 years of service to the Mile Square. Enter, The Backyard Bar. This new Hoboken bar is brought to us by locals who are looking to introduce a focus on microbrewery beers and a unique outdoor space to the area. And yes, your four-legged friend is most certainly allowed here.

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The question you may be wondering, however, is “Why do some bars allow dogs {and not others}?” The answer and reason, we’ve gathered, is food. If the bar serves food, chances are your little buddy is not allowed in as that would be a health code violation.

PSA from HG: Taking your dog to the bar is lots of fun. You’ll probably enjoy it. They *may* even enjoy it, too. But, if it’s a night where they’re playing loud music and it’s really crowded, it’s probably best to leave fido at home. It’s all fun and games until someone steps on a paw or your dog is permanently traumatized by super loud music. Just be mindful that our little furry friends are a lot more sensitive to crowds and noise than we are.

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