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    If there’s anything that anyone can agree on — no matter where you live — it’s that avocado toast rules. Our avocado toast roundup for Hoboken has been such a hit, that we had to do a version for Jersey City, too. In case your lips haven’t met this healthy concoction yet, here’s an accurate description: Avocado Toast = smashed avocado, toast, + anything else your heart desires. And it just doesn’t just taste good. It’s filled with iron, potassium, vitamin K, and so many other nutrients, AND it’s a fruit that’s filled with GOOD fats. Let’s dive in..


    Ground Connection Coffee Bar {3 Second Street}


    If you want options, you’ll get options here. Choose from a classic feta avo toast with olive oil and micro basil on multigrain toast, and if you want to do your toast “pinkies up” style, go for the salmon with smoked salmon, red onion, olive oil and chives on multigrain toast.

    Cost: $5 for 1; $9 for 2 {salmon}; $4.75 for 1; $8.50 for 2 {feta and Israeli salad}.

    Bwè Kafe {14 River Drive}


    The second best thing to a chai latte at bwè, is their fattoush-topped avocado toast to go along with it. While it’s only served on the weekends, it’s certainly worth the wait to take a bite into this colorful, creamy toast situation.

    Cost: $10

    Vegan: Yes

    The Kitchen Step {500 Jersey Avenue}

    Located in the historic Van Vorst neighborhood downtown, this little spot is the perfect spot for a quaint brunch stop. Their smashed avocado toast is filling, super cheap, and is complete with a swoonworthy interior.

    Cost: $7

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    The Hamilton Inn {708 Jersey Avenue}


    When you’re in the mood for ~finer dining~, The Hamilton Inn makes you feel just the right amount of boujee for the right price. This avo beauty includes two poached eggs, a toasted english muffin, pickled onion, jalepeño, and field greens for a healthy addition.

    Cost: $14 

    Gluten-Free/Vegan Option: No

    B. Good {525 Washington Boulevard}

    If you just want quick and easy avocado toast in a non-traditional brunch setting, B. Good is your best bet. With sustainably sourced food, seasonal menus, and balanced meals, you’ll have no guilt chowing down here. Plus, the restaurant works with local farmers, so you can support your neighbors.

    Cost: Check store for pricing.

    Fresh Healthy Cafe {77 Hudson Street}

    If you don’t want to mess around and just need a health fix ASAP, head to Fresh Healthy Cafe for all your avocado toast, smoothie, and acai bowl needs.  Their version of the avo toast includes spring mix greens, avocado, and tomato {just 167 calories}.

    Cost: $5.49

    Congress Station {589 Palisade Avenue}


    Sometimes you just want it plain and simple, and Congress Station offers just that. This classic toast includes sliced avocado, lemon juice, sea salt, and bread from Balthazar for an extra special touch. And, it doesn’t break the bank.

    Cost: $5.95

    Square 1 {283 St. Pauls Avenue}


    Square 1 serves up multiple avo options, but the most popular {pictured} is the Toasted Rye with vegan bread, a fried egg, arugula, and pico de gallo with Nigella seeds {black cumin}.

    Cost: From $6.95; average $9.50 with fried sunnyside-up egg with arugula and pico de gallo.

    Vegan/Gluten-Free option: Gluten-free english muffins available

    The Cliff {38 Congress Street}

    the cliff jersey city avocado toast

    Feast your eyes on this lean, mean avo toast situation. Multigrain toast is topped with avocado, a poached egg, mushroom “bacon,” greens, and Aleppo pepper for a kick. Plus, The Cliff delivers to JC and Hoboken, so you don’t even have to leave your door when that Sunday AM hangover hits and you need some toast — STAT.

    Cost: $12

    Gluten Free/Vegan? Can swap bread for gluten-free bread and sub in tofu scramble.

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    The Warehouse Cafe {140 Bay Street}

    warehouse cafe jersey city avocado toast

    If you’re feelin’ adventurous, spice things up with two avo options at the newest industrial spot in JC. You can either choose toast with hass avocado, pecorino romano cheese {and a LOT of it!}, and cayenne, or you can go with a protein version topped with an 8-minute hard egg with ghouda, a hass avocado, and sriracha to add some pizazz. Pair it with a delish coffee and you’ll be fueled for the day.

    Cost: $9 each

    Short Grain {183 Montgomery Street}

    short grain jersey city avocado toast

    JC’s neighborhood cafe is keeping things plain and simple with a classic avo toast complemented with feta, lemon, and pickled red onion for an extra dash of flavor. This tasty toast is also vegetarian friendly.

    Cost: $9; $1 extra for egg topping

    Vegan/Gluten Free?: Vegan without Feta Cheese

    Click here for more ways to make avocado toast!

    What is your favorite spot for some avocado toast in Jersey City? Share with us in the comments!

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    • Dulce De Leche on Central Ave has added avocado toast to their menu (available til 3pm, I think). $4.99 with tomato and almond + $1 for fried egg. Really happy we can get good avo toast options in JC Heights now!

    • Bucket and Bay on Bay Street has an AMAZING pomegranate avocado toast! It has an insane amount of avocado on it and also cheese and pomegranate and pickled onions and more…..


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