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    Real life is being busy and on-the-go, and truly having no time to meal prep for yourself — trust us, we get it. Well, don’t give up those #SummerBodGoals just yet, because this is Hudson County — where you can get pretty much anything delivered right to your doorstep, including healthy eating. That’s where food delivery services come in. And since 2019 is here, we’ve rounded up our favorite meal delivery {and mostly local} services in Hoboken and Jersey City. Here they are {in no particular order, tried and true by yours truly}, broken down by organic, vegan, customizable, and delivery style:

    Disclaimer: Pricing was left out for most as many are customizable — so it’s recommended to get in touch with any companies that pique your interest.

    1. Highway to Well {Meals 2 Glo}


    This is a food delivery service created by Tara Roscoli, and it’s one of the most delicious meal plans ever — mean it. Plant-based, organic meals that aren’t just lean and detoxifying but also delicious {think: coconut milk + homemade granola deliciousness and veggie soups and so many other items!}. However,  the price tag is $450 for 5 days of meals, so it’s a little pricey {but so worth it}. Meals are delivered throughout the week {3x} so they’re extra fresh {and can even be delivered to your work place!}.

    Organic? Yes.

    Vegan options? Yes – everything is plant-based.

    Customizable? The menu is announced weekly, so unless you have dietary restrictions or preferences, it’s set.

    Delivery Flexibility? TBD depending on your schedule, but usually Mondays and Weds/Thurs.

    2. Total Nutrition Kitchen


    You’ve probably already passed by Total Nutrition Kitchen on a walk to the PATH downtown. But, the fun part is that they offer “clean” meals that can be picked up or delivered to your house. Each run you $10-13, and are good for breakfast/lunch/dinner {their stuff ranges from shakes to protein pancakes to wraps to steak and low carb dinners}. All of the meals are prepared fresh, and the labels count the calories, carbs, fat, and protein so you know exactly how much you’re getting. Convenience is key, and being able to pick up meals is quite the unique luxury. The one drawback: Meals are not organic, so if you’re into that make note.

    Organic? No.

    Vegan options? Very limited. They offer a veggie burger and some protein muffins that are vegan.

    Customizable? You can pick your meals, but they are already cooked.

    Delivery Flexibility? Delivery can happen any time TNK is open for biz and delivering.

    3. Kale and Co. Vegan Meal Delivery


    This is a wonderful meal delivery service that is perfect for the wannabe {or actual} vegan on-the-go. Kale & Co delivers meals to your door and makes them from scratch in their commercial kitchen. Having done their detox deliveries twice, I can safely say that K&C’s foods are truly enjoyable foods {and you won’t be hungry!}.

    Organic? Yes.

    Vegan options? All is vegan.

    Customizable? The menu is set weekly, but you can customize your likes and dislikes/dietary restrictions.

    Delivery Flexibility? TBD depending on plan you choose.

    4. Simply Juiced

    You may be thinking…wait…this is a brick and mortar juice bar! But, lo and behold, they also do grub hub delivery and you can order their juice cleanse detox! You can actually customize a juice cleanse {hint: go for the Cocoa Kiss, it’s DELICIOUS!} or some of their raw vegan foods. Simply Juiced has cold pressed juices, super foods smoothies, and they even make their own kale chips. Yes, it’s not food, but hey – a little juice cleanse is a good way to start off the new year.

    Organic? All juices are organic and locally-sourced.

    Vegan options? Yes – there are no meat options.

    Customizable? You can customize the juice cleanse, but the menu is set.

    Delivery Flexibility? Delivery can happen any time Simply Juiced is open for biz and delivering.

    5. Graze and Braise

    Graze and Braise Food Delivery

    G&B is a delivery service that is local to Jersey City {where its commercial kitchen is located}. Graze and Braise delivers meals that can be ordered on Fast Boy Delivery {a la carte} OR pre-ordered so you don’t have to even think twice about it. The meals also center around the Paleo lifestyle, which is a great way to slim down {or get some delicious comfort food} without feeling super guilty {please note: The meals are higher in fat than some, but still very healthy and organic}. Paleo is similar to the Whole 30, in that you’re only eating foods that are natural in our environment {with no additives}. Think ginger and chicken salad, date-braised chicken leg with sweet potato hash, and other yummy meals. They’ve also started to offer a bunch of vegan meals, so you can skip the meat altogether.

    Organic? Most foods are organic, and all meats are grass-fed.

    Vegan options? YES – limited. Best for paleo or Whole 30 lifestyle.

    Customizable? Meals for the week are set.

    Delivery Flexibility? Delivery on Monday evenings.

    6. Busy Bee Organics

    Busy Bee Organics Food Delivery

    This Jersey City-based organic meal delivery service has come in seriously clutch in the last few months — delivering organic, gluten-free, and customizable meals to Hoboken and Jersey City on a weekly basis. All of the food is organic or local, in-season, and made with love {Editor’s note: as corny as that sounds — it’s true!}. Everything is SO yummy and feels homemade, yet macros are listed out on the site so you know what you’re getting yourself into protein/carbs/fat-wise}. If you head to their website, you can see that food options that change weekly, as the team is devoted to finding the freshest local, farm-to-table organic fruits, vegetables {and meats should you desire to include} so the menu isn’t ever exactly the same. To that point, the options are always very health-focused. Busy Bee offers dairy-free, meat-free, gluten-free, and vegan options as well as meat add-ins, such as Bone-In Food. Co. chicken and other delectable proteins. Busy Bee will be offering a “Beetox Cleanse” starting January 15th. Use the code “HOBOKENGIRL” to get 10% off regular meal delivery. Click here to order.

    Organic? Most foods are organic and locally-sourced, and all meats are grass-fed.

    Vegan options? YES!

    Customizable? Anything that is on the set menu for the week can be customized to be dairy-free, gluten or grain-free, and vegan/vegetarian. You can also add meats, but the menu is announced weekly and set.

    Delivery Flexibility? Busy Bee only delivers Monday evenings, or you can pick up in Jersey City on Monday evenings.

    7. Brielle Dahan

    Brielle Dahan food delivery

    This meal delivery service is personal and customizable, as Brielle Dahan is a personal chef and meal planner who works directly with her clients to come up with the best meal plan for them. Although her commercial kitchen is based out of Brooklyn, Brielle delivers custom-made meals to Hoboken and Jersey City. If you’re interested in her service, simply fill out a form on her website and chat directly with Brielle herself to work out specific meal preferences to satisfy all your meal delivery needs.

    Organic? Everything is organic, grass-fed. 10/10

    Vegan options? YES!

    Customizable? Brielle makes whatever you’d like for the week, so this is the ultimate customizable luxury.

    Delivery Flexibility? Brielle delivers Mondays and Weds/Thurs depending on your meal plan.

    8. Deliciously Fit Grill

    Deliciously Fit Food Delivery

    For weekly meal deliveries, Deliciously Fit Grill is another option, owned by local trainer Chris Almazan. This delivery method is especially great for those watching macros. Serving locals in New Jersey and New York, this service has got you covered for every dish of the day, from breakfast to dinner {its even got dessert!}. Stock your fridge with healthy eats such as honey mustard crusted salmon, turkey bolognese over rigatoni, protein French toast, and more. The catch, however, is that in order to get your week’s worth of meals, you must place your order every Thursday by 11:59PM to ensure you’ll get your food by the following Sunday or Monday.

    Organic? No.

    Vegan options? Yes, several recently introduced but not super high in protein. We recommend supplementing with protein shakes if you’re going for high protein!

    Customizable? You can custom order whatever you’d like, but meals are set on the site so whatever is offered is it for the week.

    Delivery Flexibility? You *must* order by Thursday for Sunday or Monday delivery {but perk that they deliver on Sundays!}


    What are your favorite meal delivery services in and around town? Share with us in the comments!

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