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Fiores in Hoboken: Serving Mutz Since 1903

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Walk down 4th and Adams on any given Saturday, and you are bound to see a line out the door and around the corner at Fiore’s. This old-school spot, located at 414 Adams Street, is your classic Hoboken Italian deli and has been serving the Mile Square since 1903. People come from all over for the old school, family feel, fresh mozzarella, or mutz as we locals call it, and legendary sandwiches day in and day out.

fiores hoboken

A Look Into The Past

The deli was originally started by the Fiore Family in 1903 when a loaf of bread cost you a nickel. YES, a nickel. Back in those days, it served as a place for patrons to buy their weekly cold cuts; they didn’t start serving sandwiches until way later.

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John Amato Sr., the current owner, started working there in the mid-1960s as a delivery boy, and now he and his son, John Jr., make the mutz and run the shop. The Amato Family has been running things for the last few, nearly six, decades. Nothing has changed much since the start, and despite the many changes in town, Fiore’s is still one of the most popular delis in Hoboken and is a staple in our community.

fiores hoboken

“There are a lot of changes, but the young kids who have moved here know about us. They still come in and support our business and bring home mozzarella to their families.”

fiores hoboken

But locals and celebs alike, Fiore’s is definitely something to write home about. Noteworthy Fiore’s lovers and visitors have included Frank Sinatra, Danny DeVito, The Sopranos cast, and the crew from Law & Order SVU. “Frank’s father was the chief of the fire department right on this block, and they used to order from us all the time,” John Sr. shared with us.

The Menu

fiores sandwich hoboken

^ Ham and mutz

The funny thing about the menu is that there is none. So, before you go, you should know some of the daily sandwich specials.

Monday — Virginia Ham

Tuesday — Corned Beef

Wednesday — Sausage with Red Sauce

Thursday + Saturday — Roast Beef, Mozz + Gravy (MUST TRY!)

Friday — Tuna

fiores deli hoboken roast beef

Listen, we have tried every single sandwich (for YOUR benefit, of course), and all of them are equally delicious, but the one sandwich that tops the rest is the Roast Beef Special (above, stuffed with RB, fresh mutz, + brown gravy). That is what Fiore’s is known for. If there is ever any doubt in your mind, or you are fumbling at the counter, just go with that one (if you’re there on a Thursday or Saturday, that is), and you won’t be disappointed.

Make sure that you come hungry because the sandwiches are loaded! A half sandwich is plenty for lunch. You can also order fresh cold cuts, roasted red peppers, stuffed peppers, and everything else in between. The bread is baked fresh at Dom’s Bakery, another local favorite, and Amato’s Bakery in North Bergen.

Know Before You Go

fiores hoboken

When it comes to Fiore’s, we are seasoned vets. So listen up, as it’s not every day you’ll get all of the secrets to ordering here: you’ll look like you’ve been there before.

First things first, call ahead to order if you are in a rush, especially if it is Saturday. The line is going to be out the door (proof that all mozzarella heals all wounds). If you do order ahead, walk in, step to the side and tell them you placed a phone order. If you decide you want to hang out on line, make sure you know what you want to order beforehand, as it can get pretty overwhelming.

fiores hoboken deli

More Pro Tips

– Fiore’s is cash ONLY.

– As you’re on line to order, make sure to grab the bread you want for your sandwich (look to the right when you walk in, you’ll see what we mean).

– DO NOT, we repeat, DO NOT, put your mutz in the fridge. This is super important and if you’re ordering a large quantity the guys behind the counter will always tell you. Room temp is best, trust. If the mutz is put in the fridge right away it will become hard and just not good (which almost seems impossible but seriously, it ruins the piece of art that Fiores mutz is).

– Add roasted peppers to any sandwich to be WOWed — but keep a mint on the side for after because, holy garlic.

– Fiore’s is a great place to get cold cut platters for a holiday. They get A LOT of orders for the holidays so if you want something, plan ahead.

– When you order, say it like this: “I’ll have a half (or whole), with mutz + prosciutto” as you hand them your bread. You will look and sound like a local (if you aren’t) and not to mention, a total badass.

– Fiore’s is closed on Sundays, so if you want your fix, make sure to get it before then.

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Fiore’s is one of the oldest standing businesses in Hoboken. Stop by Monday through Saturday from 8:00AM-6:00PM for an unforgettable experience and meal. Bring your family home at least a pound of fresh mutz and enjoy.

fiores hoboken

And let’s not forget one very important factor, Fiore’s has parking. Yes, even though cars are always double-parked out front, there is a parking lot! So if you’re coming from out of town or don’t want to deal with the anxiety of wondering if you’ll get ticketed, just park in Fiore’s free lot.

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Hoboken homeowner and lover of all things local, Danielle made her home in the Mile Square City nearly six years ago. Danielle is a second grade teacher by day; after hours, she can be found in the kitchen whipping up a a new recipe or grabbing a bite to eat with her husband and friends. Danielle is the try-er and buyer of all things beauty and loves finding a good deal. Shopping on Washington, interior decorating, and riding her Peloton are just a few of Danielle's favorite things. Oh, and did we mention her undying love for the New York Yankees?