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Dom’s Bakery: Serving Bread to Hoboken for Over 39 Years

by Briana
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While Hoboken is constantly changing, there are few spots that stay exactly the same from when they first opened — and those are the true gems. Dom’s Bakery is an old-Hoboken favorite and has been serving bread to town since the early 1900s, located at 506 Grand Street in the Mile Square. Whether you’ve been to the bakery or not, there’s a VERY good chance you’ve unknowingly had their bread as they deliver to a bunch of restaurants in town. We recently paid a visit to this OG spot and had the pleasure of talking to Dom himself. Read on to get a peek inside our visit to Dom’s Bakery:

doms bakery hoboken

The History

doms bakery hoboken

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Dom’s Bakery first opened in 1979 at 5th Street between Adams and Jefferson. In 1988, Dom and Flo Castelitto bought the new location just around the corner at 506 Grand, where they have been ever since. The space was already a bakery, owned by Castelittos as well, first names unknown. There is a picture on the wall of the previous owners outside of the front which literally reads “506 Bread” pictured above. 

Harborside Sport + Spine

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Dom himself came to Hoboken at the age of 12 from Naples, Italy. He was raised in Hoboken, but has moved to Secaucus. However, he still makes it to work daily and often comes in at 4:00AM to bake. There are other bakers {who have been working there for many years} who do the most of the baking, but occasionally Dom likes to bake himself, which he did during our visit.

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The Bread + Baked Goods

doms bakery hoboken

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Dom’s Bakery is, of course, known for its bread. And while its regular baguettes are brag-worthy on their own, Dom and his crew are whipping up a bunch of other delish creations like fresh focaccia bread with their homemade sauce, pepperoni + sausage stuffed breads {if nothing else, you NEED these}, and a classic Italian pastry, sfogliatella, which Dom allowed us to try right out of the oven.

doms bakery hoboken

Sfogliatella right out of the hot oven, before a bunch of powdered sugar was poured on top — drooling

There are literally no words to describe how insanely delicious the warm sfogliatella was; the hint of lemon is simply mouth-watering. If you’ve ever had sfogliatella from other Italian bakeries, you may have noticed that they aren’t usually too full inside. Well, we can attest first-hand that these were super stuffed {seriously, it was quite the treat — and this is coming from two Team HG gavons aka Bri and Jen}.

Author’s note: If you want to really impress Dom, learn how to pronounce sfogliatella like a true Italiano. He was very impressed when I knew how to pronounce it {since I’m Italian and grew up eating them} and said people often butcher the name when they order them, ha.

doms bakery hoboken

During the holidays, Dom’s makes another Italian classic called Easter bread, {pictured above}. There is a sweet version with sprinkles and a savory one made with pepper. And if you have to pick up some sweets for a party, there is an entire rack of assorted Italian cookies to purchase, already packaged {these are not made in-house}.

The Mile-Square Reputation

doms bakery hoboken

True story: Even if you haven’t actually been to Dom’s, you’ve definitely eaten the bread. Dom’s delivers bread to Lisa’s Deli, Vito’s Deli, Andrea Salumeria, Luca Brasi’s, Dino + Harry’s Steakhouse, Augustino’s, Elysian Cafe, and Johnny Pepperoni just to name a few. The bread is so good, that when Frank Sinatra was still alive and living in California, he actually had Dom ship bread to him and his favorite local restaurant on the West Coast. “We would ship it out from Newark Airport to California where he and other famous actors like Lucille Ball and Dean Martin ate,” Dom proudly told us. Yes, that’s right, old Hollywood even enjoyed Dom’s bread.

The bread is so good, that when Frank Sinatra was still alive and living in California, he actually had Dom ship bread to him and his favorite local restaurant on the West Coast.

Old Hoboken Meets New Hoboken

doms bakery hoboken

Dom shared with us that there are quite a mix of customers who come in daily: some generations-old residents who have been going there for decades and a bunch of newcomers as well. He even told us that some of his original Hoboken customers who moved out of town still come back for bread. ‘Nuff said.

We asked Dom what his favorite part of Hoboken is, both past and present:

“My favorite part about the past was that everybody knew each other and there was much less congestion. I currently enjoy seeing all of the families come back and continue to remain loyal.”

Dom, like many residents who have been here for decades, definitely misses the way Hoboken used to be. He explained that back then everyone knew each other and it was a much simpler town {and a simpler time over all}. However, he still loves his hometown and seemed very appreciative of his customers who are still loyal to his business after so many years.

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Dom’s hours are convenient, especially for morning people. Since the baking starts so early in the morning, they are open from 4:00AM-5:00PM daily, except for Sundays when they close at 1:00PM.

And now, for some more #breadporn:

The stuffed pepperoni and sausage breads – SO. GOOD.


Forget frozen breadsticks – Dom’s is whipping our fresh ones daily


Dom’s focaccia = legendary. That’s homemade sauce on top and it is GOOD

doms bakery hoboken

The perfect souvenir — thanks, Dom!

Dom’s bakery is a true Hoboken gem and if you haven’t been yet, you should definitely stop in, say hi to Dom, and of course, enjoy some fantastic homemade breads — all while supporting a local business!

So, have you ever been to Dom’s bakery? What’s your favorite thing to get?

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