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Morning Getaway: The Hudson River Walkway

by Jennifer Tripucka
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We’ve got a special treat complete with morning views {and a little adventure}. There’s a walkway called the Hudson River Walkway that connects Hoboken and Jersey City {and beyond}, and even though it may seem obvious to some, it’s always good to share the knowledge — especially when it comes to pretty views and a spot to get some exercise.


While the Hudson River Waterfront Walkway spans 18 miles across several cities in the Gold Coast {when completed, it will run all the way from Fort Lee Historic Park in the north down to Bergen Point in the south}, we’re going to focus on the Newport section connecting the mile square and JC.

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The Newport section was opened in 1988 — but completed in its entirety in 2009.

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The ‘trail’ starts in Hoboken by the light rail station/PATH station [if you’re looking at the water, just walk to the right!], and it goes all the way to Newport and beyond in Jersey City. It’s a perfect way to spend a morning where you can plan your run and know exactly how far you’re going while sightseeing with a beautiful view.

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Dat view tho.


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While walking, you’ll pass one of our favorite hidden spots, the Urban Beach, which is an actual beach with sand and umbrellas, offering a spot to chill + read while catching some rays.

While the walkway path is still a work in progress, the map shows that the JC/Hob path is totally walk {or run}-able. So next time you’re thinking of just taking a stroll on the waterfront, make sure to keep on walking beyond Pier A in Hoboken — and about a mile after, you’ll make it all the way to Newport to do some exploring. Enjoy!


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