The Best Meatball Spots in Hoboken and Jersey City

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We. Love. Meatballs. Meatballs are like a burger and fries or bowl of pasta without the major commitment and stomach ache afterward {unless you eat too many, which is quite easy to do}. So, to honor this wonderful dish, we’re bringing you some of our favorite meatball go-tos in the area. Here are the best meatballs in Hoboken and Jersey City, for your consumption:

Hoboken Meatballs

The Cuban {Sweet + Spicy Meatballs}

the cuban meatballs

Add a little Latin flavor to your meatballs at The Cuban, where you will be oh-so-happy that you did. The Cuban’s signature meatball dish boasts an array of spices and sweet flavor that will leave you finger lickin’ the bowl!

Otto Strada {16 oz. Meatball}

otto strada hoboken

{Photo credit: @ottostradahoboken}

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, a ONE POUND meatball that is sure to combat those carnivorous cravings once and for all. This is a 16-ounce meatball that does *not* disappoint.

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Bin 14 {Meatballs with Marinara and Pecorino}

bin 14 hoboken

{Photo credit: @bin14winebar}

There’s nothing that goes better with meatballs than wine. So natch, we had to mention Bin. For the wine and tapas lovers, Bin 14 serves a variety of delectable menu items which includes meatballs with marinara and pecorino {the ideal app}.

Rosticeria Da Gigi {Original Meatballs}

Rosticeria Da Gigi

{Photo credit: @gigishoboken}

We know there are many Italian spots in town that serve meatballs that are quite delicious, but Rosticeria Da Gigi served us some balls, and served them well. They were big, juicy, topped with some parmesan – just perfect for a cold day.

Torna’s Pizzeria {Classic Meatballs}

tornas pizzeria hoboken

{Photo credit: @tornaspizzahobokoen}

This longstanding pizzeria is known for a few things: fluffy Sicilian slices, flavorful baked ziti, and epic meatballs. You can order meatballs in a meatball parm, on top of a pasta dish, or on their own {they’re that big}. The secret to the deliciousness is all in the sauce, a family recipe — as Torna’s has been family-owned since inception.

City Bistro {Chicken Meatballs}

city bistro meatballs

{Photo credit: @citybistrohoboken}

This local spot makes chicken meatballs, and trust us, they’re something to write home about. These chicken meatballs are out of this world, bound to make any Italian mother proud. Order them ASAP.

Anthony David’s {Bucatini with Veal Meatballs}

anthony davids hoboken

{Photo credit: @anthonydavids_}

Meatballs with bucatini, capers, and pecorino — ’nuff said. Anthony David’s is known for its yummy eats, and the meatballs should be included in that assumption.

Sorellina Meatballs {Nonna’s Meatballs}

sorellina hoboken

{Photo credit: @sorellinahoboken}

For a taste of tradition, order Nonna’s meatballs, made with marinara, braised veal, and ricotta. Sorellina is an uptown wine bar serving small plates that are definitely something to write home about.

Vito’s Deli {Turkey and Swedish Meatballs}

vitos deli hoboken

{Photo credit: @vitosdelihoboken}

We couldn’t complete this list without some Italian deli meatballs in mix. Vito’s deli serves turkey meatballs and the option for a turkey or “hot hero,” which is a nice change of pace from the typical beef. Read more about Vito’s, a Hoboken staple since 1986, here.

Johnny Pepperoni’s {Spaghetti and Meatballs}

{Photo credit: @johnnypepps}

Spaghetti and meatballs = an obvious yet often overlooked combo. And when it comes to Johnny Pepperoni’s, their spaghetti and meatballs and chicken parm is our go-to order.

Margherita’s {Meatball Parmesan}

We’d be remiss to not mention a meatball sandwich on this roundup, and Margherita’s sure does make a good one. Grab a napkin {since spillage is possible} and order the meatball parmesan from this Washington Street spot.

Jersey City Meatballs

The Roman Nose {Meatball Bowl}

roman nose jersey city meatballs

The sauce for this infamous bowl is deemed the best in all the {Jersey City} land — and it’s pretty good. Order some extra sauce when you get this dish to make sure that there isn’t a spoon fight for it at the end.

IncrediBALLS Meatballs {Food Truck}


When the Pier 13 days of glory are here with food trucks galore, you must make sure you make a stop and grab some of these delicious balls. The Swedish balls and the Italian meatballs are the go-tos,  but there are a ton of other unique ball options like Jamaican Jerk and even vegetarian options!

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Razza Pizza Artigianale {Meatballs Smothered in Cheese and Sauce}


Meatballs smothered in sauce and topped with cheese are ideal in a meatball-loving world, and when it comes to Jersey City, Razza is a pizza spot that offers the best of both worlds: pizza and meatballs.

So if that didn’t get you jonesing for a meatball, you might as well call yourself a vegetarian. Speaking of — if you’re craving a meatball but need to go veggie, The Meatball Shop in Brooklyn {+ Manhattan} is another great option for a filling meatball meal sans the meat.

What local spot has your favorite meatballs? Share with us in the comments!


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