The Best Spots for Garlic Bread in Hoboken

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We’re pretty lucky here in Hoboken — the view, the convenience, but one of the most significant being the food — fresh mutz, pizza, and most importantly: BREAD. A nice fresh loaf of Italian bread from Dom’s or Antique usually does the trick, but there’s no denying that garlic bread is a true treat. There’s definitely no lack of garlicky goodness in Hoboken, so check out our roundup of the best spots in Hoboken for garlic bread {and prepare to drool}:

Disclaimer: Please call each place directly to confirm if they are still selling garlic bread for when you plan to visit.

Arthur’s Tavern {237 Washington Street}

arthurs hoboken famous garlic bread

A Hoboken staple known for their divine steaks, Arthur’s is also serving up some ah-mazing garlic bread {it’s even labeled on their menu as their “famous” – for good reason}. Enjoy it as an appetizer to share, or order one of your own and pair it with a bowl of chili — you just can’t go wrong.

Urban Coalhouse {116 14th Street}

urban coalhouse hoboken garlic bread pizza

Urban Coalhouse is known for its killer brick-oven pizza and wings, and the garlic bread definitely doesn’t disappoint, either. This is not your average garlic bread as it is on pizza crust…that’s correct. It’s basically a garlic bread pizza and it. is. GOOD.

Tony Boloney’s {263 First Street}

tony boloneys hoboken garlic bread

If you’re looking for a not-so-traditional spin on garlic bread, Tony Boloney’s is obv your spot. Sure, they have your regular cheesy garlic bread, but they also have some crazy creations — like the “Ay Dios Mio-Mac Garlic Bread” {cheesy mac n’ cheese garlic bread topped with chipotle house sauce + cilantro} — sign us up. 

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Antique Bar & Bakery {122 Willow Avenue}

antique bakery garlic bread hoboken

This old-school Hoboken bread bakery-turned-restaurant is serving up some of the best food in town — from steaks to pasta to fish and beyond. If you’re dining at Antique, you’re prob not there for the garlic bread, but think again because, well, just look at it {pre-oven shot pictured above}.

Delfino’s {500 Jefferson Street}

delfinos pizza hoboken

^^^ Nothing beats Delfino’s escarole and beans soup — try pairing it with their garlic bread for some dunking 😉

This classic Hoboken pizza joint is serving up delicious pies along with appetizers that include garlic bread that you can order plain or with mozzarella on top. It’s perfect to pair with some pasta fagioli or escarole and beans {pictured above}.

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Benny Tudino’s {622 Washington Street}

benny tudinos pizza hoboken

^^^ The real star of the show at Benny’s, obvi, but trust us, their garlic bread is not something to pass up on {especially with mozz on it}

If you find yourself at Benny’s for a slice of their huuuge {and delish} pizza, pair it with some of their appetizers like wings, antipasto, mussels, or of course, the star of the show today, garlic bread. Their garlic bread is available with or without cheese and is the ultimate comfort food {ask for it with a side of marinara for some extra yum — you’re welcome}.

Margherita’s {740 Washington Street}

margheritaas reopening

Margherita’s is a fan-favorite here in Hoboken and it offers not only garlic bread, but also garlic bread with mozzarella. Say no more.

Where’s your favorite garlic bread spot in town? Let us know in the comments!

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