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Arthur’s Tavern: Delicious Comfort Food, {Famous} Garlic Bread, and a Little Ghost Story

by Jennifer Tripucka
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For some reason Arthur’s was always a mystery…maybe because it looks like a small little steak joint on the outside, but upon further inspection it’s actually HUGE. We recently decided to dine there and enjoy some of their menu items while taking in the laid-back, casual vibe — located at 237 Washington Street.


A peek inside the front part of Arthur’s

If you’ve been to Arthur’s before, you know it’s nothing fancy when it comes to the menu — but quality over quantity, that’s fo sho. Immediately, I was drawn to the garlic bread which was termed “Famous” —  once we ordered it, I knew exactly why.

arthur's famous garlic bread hoboken girl


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It was doused in butter, butter, butter, and garlic…and was oh-so-amaaaazing. Seriously, melt in your mouth like butta garlic bread. I’m not even a big bread bowl fan, but I ate about 4 pieces of this stuff before cutting myself off. Out of this world good.


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Right behind the garlic bread was the chili bowl ^^. This was just as delicious — chock full of cheese, beans, meat, and chive garnish on the top. Perfect to dip bread in! What a treat.


Drinks: we went with dark and stormys. The cocktail list like the menu isn’t extensive, but it’s definitely good.



As for our entrees, my date ordered the burger, and I got the Classic “Wedge.” The burger was huge and really tasty, the perfect blend of juicy and not too greasy. My salad was decent — iceberg lettuce and other fixins, but by the time it came to eat it I was already so full from the chili and garlic bread!


The ambiance of Arthur’s is definitely laid back, casual, and dare I say — old school {in a good way}. You can tell that the place has been around a pretty long time, and word on the street is that it is actually haunted! Read about that here. A little snippet from the NJ.com article:

Arthur’s Tavern is supposedly haunted by three ghosts. There are reports from employees of footsteps, lights going on and off or flickering, doors opening by themselves, a clipboard flying off a desk, whispers, and someone’s hair being pulled (eeeek!). Parapsychologists have recently stopped by to investigate. One of them was quite shaken by what she’d seen upstairs, and said the upstairs ladies’ room was haunted.


Eek! I love me a good {real-life} ghost story. And delicious comfort food.

Arthurs hoboken girl

Will definitely be back soon, and feel ashamed it took so long to tell y’all about this place! The service was very good, people were friendly, prices were decent {everything was between $7-$15 on the menu}, and I enjoyed the vibe. Things to be tried next time: French Onion Soup, Loaded Nachos, and the 10 Oz. Rib Eye!


Have you been to Arthur’s? What did you think?




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