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Tenth Street Pasta + Pizza in Hoboken

by Hoboken Girl Team
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We know, we know. When you heard the owners of the beloved Hoboken bar Tenth + Willow were opening a pizza place right across the street, you probably groaned and thought, greeeaaaaat another typical pizza place in town – just what we need. Well, we are here to tell you that you were wrong. Sit down for something to eat at Tenth Street Pasta + Pizza and you will quickly notice the difference. Not only is this definitely not just a pizza place, but with a menu of hundred-year-old family recipes, simple, fresh ingredients, and meats from one of the best butchers in the area, Tenth Street Pasta + Pizza may actually have the authentic Italian food you’ve been longing for in Hoboken.  

 Tenth Street Pasta + Pizza

Mario, the owner of Tenth Street, wasn’t actually planning to open a pizza place, especially not directly across the street from his other establishment Tenth + Willow {though we do appreciate the convenient names of each so we know exactly where to find them}. In fact, opening Tenth Street Pasta + Pizza was more of what he calls “a happy accident”. Mario, who is one of 11 children, was born in Italy right outside of Naples, and now, with the help of Hoboken’s own Christopher Manzo, Mario is reveling in what he is creating. And the difference is in the taste. With only the finest, freshest ingredients, Tenth Street is serving up simple, delicious food the way Italians have been doing it for years. Not overly complicated – you won’t find fois gras anywhere on this menu – and not following any trends, Tenth Street is serving buffalo mozzarella imported from Italy, sauce from the tomato, and meat from Truglio’s Meat Market {btw, if you have yet to go there, stop reading now, go to Truglio’s, and continue reading later}. As Mario told us:

“I love food. I love good food. And now I have my own kitchen. These are my grandmother’s recipes. My mom made this pizza!”

 Tenth Street Pasta + Pizza

But before we get to said pizza, let’s talk about the antipasto. Burrata so creamy and fresh, spread across local slices of Italian bread with juicy tomatoes to start, and drizzled with garlic infused olive oil {which Mario calls Italian soy sauce}, followed by a simple salad of cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, basil, and ricotta. Mind you, Tenth Street Pasta +Pizza is BYOB {win!} and these light dishes are paired perfectly with a nice bottle of red wine.

 Tenth Street Pasta + Pizza

 Tenth Street Pasta + Pizza

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And now friends, about the pizza. The hundred-year-old-recipe pizza. You’ve had Taco Pizza, you’ve had pizza bigger than your dog, and if you’ve lived long enough in the Mile Square, you’ve had pretty much every novelty slice of pizza there is to try. But let’s just talk about a good piece of pizza {and a damn good slice at that}. What makes this pizza so good? The bottom is crusty – soft, but crunchy – the sauce is simple so you can taste each ingredient and the basil leaves pop against it. We got half of ours topped with sausage, pepperoni that curled into a crispy edge, and peppers prepared by Mario’s sister {yes, folks, this is a family affair}. Those peppers, by the way, are to die for you and you can buy them by the jar. Oh, and you know it’s really good pizza when you can stick the leftovers in the oven the next day and they’re still just as good.

 Tenth Street Pasta + Pizza

 Tenth Street Pasta + Pizza

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Though the menu is limited to pizza, salads, and a few sides or appetizers right now, the plan is to expand to just a few perfected dishes – with house made pasta, a few different kinds of sauce, and maybe a soup or two. There’s no need to pack the menu with too many items when you’re doing a few things just right. Simplicity is key here. Even the timing is simple. After grating fresh cheese on our pizza, Chris told us we had to wait to eat since it was right out of the oven and piping hot – “When the cheese is settled, it’s time… like an Italian egg timer.”

 Tenth Street Pasta + Pizza

The atmosphere at Tenth Street Pasta + Pizza makes you feel like family – which is why the restaurant will also be hosting Sunday dinners. With two time slots of reserved seatings each Sunday, Tenth Street will be featuring a different cook in the kitchen, whipping up their own favorite specialties. It’s like going to your friend’s mom’s kitchen because she makes the best meatballs or manicotti — Mario and his team are recreating that now in Hoboken.

Though we can tell you this from our own experience, every review we’ve heard about Tenth Street Pasta + Pizza  has been the same — Wow, what a surprise. That is not what we were expecting! 

Have you been to Tenth Street Pasta + Pizza? What did you think?

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