• What To Do Near The PATH Stop: World Trade Center

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    While there is sooo much to do in Hoboken, we’re lucky enough to have such easy and quick access to New York City. So close and so full of life and activities that we’ve dubbed ourselves the 6th Borough. When you feel like venturing outside of Hudson County, you can hop on the PATH for a 20 minute ride max — and you’ll never know what you can discover. In this new series of NYC PATH exploration, we’re showing you the best places to eat, drink, shop, and explore at every PATH stop. This week, we’re starting with none other than the World Trade Center. Here are the top things you must check out around the Financial District in NYC: 


    Things To Do

    brookfield place nyc

    Brookfield Place/Westfield Mall {225 Liberty Street}

    You get two malls in one location here. Brookfield Place and Westfield are connected by an escalator, so you can be in another mall in a matter of minutes. At Brookfield, expect higher end stores like Saks, Tory Burch, Jo Malone, and an Equinox. Grab a bite to eat at Hudson Eats {Chop’t, Digg In, Le District, and Sprinkles}, While at Westfield, you can shop at Victoria’s Secret, Sugarfina, and other go-to stores like Sephora and Forever 21. Pro tip: there’s always a special exhibit going on in the main area of the Oculus in the World Trade Center, so make sure you stop by!

    Wall Street

    Walk into the shoes of a finance person for a day by taking a stroll through Wall Street. Visit the famous Charging Bull, the Museum of American Finance, or the New York City Police Museum. And after that’s been done, just people-watch all the business execs and media peeps on their lunch break {Time Inc and Conde Nast are right around the corner}.



    9/11 Memorial & Museum {180 Greenwich Street}

    This one is a given, but if by chance you haven’t visited the memorial site yet, it’s something everyone should experience. Commemorating the September 11th attacks, the 9/11 Memorial and Museum strives to preserve the history and educate people on what happened that day and during the 1993 bombing at the World Trade Center. While walking through the 110,000 square feet space, you’ll hear stories about loss, compassion, reckoning, and recovery that discuss the attacks and the aftermath.

    Battery Park/Statue of Liberty

    A historic part of the Southern most tip of Manhattan, Battery Park was the first place many came to America. You can hop on a ferry here, which will take you to Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty. And during the summer, there are plenty of outdoor concerts going on. With a gorgeous view of the Hudson, Jersey City, and a peek of Hoboken, it’s the place to wander if you’ve got some free time to enjoy the beauty of NYC and New Jersey.

    One World Observatory {285 Fulton Street}

    one world observatory

    Situated atop the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere, the One World Observatory {levels 100, 101, and 102} provides a once-in-a-lifetime panoramic view of the city and iconic sites that people around the world dream about. There are six different ticket options ranging from $36 to $63 to get up to the top floor. And during the holidays, they offer a special “Winter One-derland” experience — complete with a glacier cave and a snow skypod that takes you up to the 102nd floor surrounded by snow falling — so don’t miss out!

    St. Paul’s Chapel {209 Broadway}

    St. Paul’s Chapel is part of Trinity Wall Street, which is an Episcopal Parish that has been around since 1697. It’s recognized by the British Charter, and even George Washington prayed here after he became president. And most recently, the church played a large role in hosting recovery workers after the September 11th attacks.

    Places to Eat/Drink

    Hole in The Wall {Brunch in FiDi}

    Don’t let it’s name fool you — this small spot {15 Cliff Street} serves up Insta-worthy brunch plates that look anything like it was made at a nothing, hole-in-the-wall restaurant. The cafe and coffee shop serves anything from acai bowls to brioche french toast and pulled pork benedict. Plus, there are gluten free, vegan, and dairy free options!

    Eataly {Inside Westfield}

    No matter what you’re in the mood for — authentic pizza, sandwiches, pasta and wine, wine, and more wine — Eataly is an Italian wonderland. Complete with stations for every type of carb you could want, plus a pastry section with plenty of cannolis, a coffee bar, wine bar, and a full-service market so you can take home groceries, this hot spot is worth repeat visits. Plus, they have locations across the country and another in Flatiron. Hellooo, food baby.

    Two Hands Restaurant & Bar {251 Church Street}

    Known for its Australian brunch options {we’re talking avocado toast heavennnn}, Two Hands is the place to go when you want a fresh meal with a delicious cup of coffee. Nosh on a sweet potato waffle, pickled chili scrambled eggs, or a ricotta hotcake for something unique. Brunch coma here we come.

    Loopy Doopy Bar {Prosecco + Popsicles at Conrad New York}

    Chances are, you’ve seen a popsicle/Prosecco drink combo on Instagram here and there. Guess what? You can get to this bar, called Loopy Doopy {102 North End Ave}, in no time. The rooftop bar has clear views of the Hudson and serves up delish {pricey, though, at around $25} Prosecco drinks with a popsicle plopped inside of it. It’s the ultimate summer refreshment — so make sure to check hours for the winter.

    The 75 Club {75 Murray Street}

    One of the newest speakeasies to open downtown, this intimate bar is a cozy spot to grab some swanky drinks. There’s even jazz music and ultra-talented bartenders to up the vibe. As a five-star spot, it won’t disappoint.

    And that’s just a few of the things happening right around the World Trade Center, should you find yourself there with some time to kill.

    What are some other go-tos in that area that you love? Share with us in the comments below!

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    By day, Tamara is an editor at a women's magazine, but in her free time, she runs her own fashion blog and helps out with Hoboken Girl. Otherwise, you can catch her ‘gramming like it's her job, checking out the cutest spots to eat and drink and redeeming herself at spin class later. Oh, and if you’re curious about Kylie Lip Kits, she’ll happily show you her collection.


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