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There’s a Hidden Cocktail Bar Above Franklin Social in Jersey City

by Via Rutkowski
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We already know that Jersey City is home to dozens of incredible hidden gems, including the local favorite, Franklin Social. This neighborhood restaurant and tavern has a unique, seasonally-driven menu that showcases modern takes on classic American comfort food. With so much local love for Franklin Social, it’s no surprise that its culinary talents have expanded beyond the plate and onto unbeatable cocktail mastery; all in the form of a nostalgic speakeasy. Over 100 years after the Prohibition Era, speakeasies have continued to experience a popular resurgence in cities all over the world, including Jersey City. The Junto Attic Bar is nestled above Franklin Social and tucked away up a staircase at 68 Mercer Street. Read on to learn more about this classic speakeasy right in downtown Jersey City.

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The Menu

When the leather-bound menu arrives, the story begins to unfold while flipping through pages of curious cocktail combinations. One of the most enticing drinks has to be a customizable cocktail by the name of “Dealers Choice” — which is exactly what it sounds like. Guests can pick their favorite flavors and spirits into one perfect drink made exclusively for their tastebuds.

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There is also a variety of equally delicious mocktails to choose from. Everyone’s tastes can be catered to at The Junto. The bartenders here have striking attention to detail and precise skill that creates flavorful magic.

The Ambiance

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The Junto was inspired by Ben Franklin’s social club of the same name. The attention to detail goes beyond just cocktails. The aesthetic interior design speaks for itself and certainly elevates the overall experience. Its dim lighting, cozy seating, and candlelit tables create an intimate and alluring energy that removes guests from the outside world. This space encapsulates the true meaning of a “speakeasy” and serves as a great date night spot.

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Things To Note

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The Junto operates on a first-come, first-served policy for groups of four or fewer only. Hours are subject to change due to private events so be sure to check thejuntojc.com before coming in. Otherwise it is typically open seven days a week from 6PM-1AM.

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