Where to Get an Aperol Spritz in Hoboken + Jersey City

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Whether you’ve been to the shores of the Amalfi Coast or your closest interaction with Italian food has been eating at one of Hoboken’s many Italian restaurants, you need to know the Aperol Spritz. This summer drink — with the ingredients of Aperol, prosecco, and soda water. is simple and absolutely refreshing, not to mention the gorgeous coral hue makes it very Instagram-friendly.

Since Aperol celebrated its 100th birthday earlier this summer, there’s no better reason to grab an Aperol Spritz than to celebrate 100 years of the drink. Keep reading to find out where to get an Aperol Spritz in Hoboken + Jersey City.

Bin 14 Wine Bar {1314 Washington Street, Hoboken}

bin 14 aperol spritz

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One of our favorite Hoboken staples for a great bite and cocktail/glass of vino, Bin 14 offers multiple types of Aperol Spritz for every taste — the Classic {Aperol, prosecco, soda, orange}, Farrah {Cynar, prosecco rosé, soda, lemon}, Spagliato {prosecco, Campari, Alessio Chinato}, or the St. Germain {prosecco, sauvignon blanc, soda}.

Price: the Classic is $11, and all other varieties are $9.

Birch {92 River Street, Hoboken}

birch aperol spritz

Birch may be known for their crazy milkshakes and alcoholic gelato, but another delicious treat on the menu is their Aperol Spritz, which comes in two varieties. Birch offers a classic Aperol Spritz as well as what they call the “Birch Spritz” made with Aperol, Absolut Strawberry, lemonade, ice, and garnished with strawberries. Perfect for sipping during boozy brunch or while you’re out dancing the night away. Brain-freeze pending.

Price: $8 for the classic, $10 for the frozen version.

Leo’s Grandevous {200 Grand Street, Hoboken}

leos grandevous

Leo’s Grandevous is a Hoboken staple which boasts, you guessed it, an Aperol Spritz. Pair this ideal summer cocktail with one of Leo’s tasty menu items like gnocchi marinara or the fettuccine Toscana and, simply, enjoy.

Price: $12 for an Aperol Spritz

Luna Restaurant and Bar {279 Grove Street, Jersey City}

luna aperol spritz

This unique location, which is housed in an old bank, puts a fresh summer spin on their Aperol Spritz. Called the Blood Moon, this drink starts with muddled fresh strawberries and is topped with strawberry slices for a sweet cocktail {their most popular drink of summer} and is always served with a metal straw.

Price: $13 regular price, $8 during happy hour.

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Porta {135 Newark Avenue, Jersey City}

porta aperol spritz

{Photo credit: @tinanyc}

There’s nothing quite more Italian than pizza, except maybe dining on pizza while sipping on an Aperol Spritz. Jersey City’s Porta puts a unique summer spin on the classic cocktail, making a frozen Aperol Spritz available on Porta’s roof {so sadly, not in the main bar — but ideal for a refreshing happy hour on the roof}.

Price: $6 for frozen Aperol Spritz. 

Sorellina {1036 Washington Street, Hoboken}

sorellina aperol spritz

One of the top Italian restaurants in Hoboken, Sorellina boasts being one of the first to serve the Aperol Spritz aperitif {before the craze hit} and it is still one of their best-selling drinks to this day. They offer a traditional Aperol Spritz as well as frozen options for those extra hot days.

Price: $11 regular price, but only $6 during Happy Hour {all night Tuesday, 4:30PM-7:00PM Wednesday-Friday}.

South House JC {149 Newark Avenue, Jersey City}

south house aperol spritz

South House Brings the “Simple Southern” vibe from Texas to Jersey City with a killer Aperol Spritz to boot. Their version, made with yuzu, is light and refreshing to sip on while jamming to live music and playing games, or just sitting and enjoying a meal with friends or family.

Price: $11 on special.

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The Brass Rail {135 Washington Street, Hoboken}

brass rail aperol spritz

This Hoboken staple offers not only the traditional Aperol Spritz but a frozen Aperol flavored frosé as well as a specialty cocktail called the “Joe’s Tequila Sunrise” that has tequila infused with sage and topped with a teaspoon of sorbet for a refreshing and cooling summer treat.

Price: $10 for the classic and frosé; $14 for the Joe’s Tequila Sunrise.

Have you tried an Aperol Spritz at one of these local places? Let us know in the comments!

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