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Best Spots For a Margarita in Hoboken + Jersey City

by Jennifer Tripucka
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Hoboken and Jersey City have some serious options when it comes to where to grab a well-made cocktail and when it comes to margs — salted, frozen, on the rocks — there’s no shortage at these local spots. Read on for a few of our favorite spots in Hoboken + Jersey City to sip (or gulp) a margarita and why they’re crowd favorites in Hoboken and Jersey City.


Anthony David’s | 953 Bloomfield Street

Anthony David's

(Photo credit: @anthonydavids_)

It doesn’t get much better than brunch and a margarita. Anthony David’s offers the Picante Margarita which contains poblano-infused reposado tequila, Midori, lime, and Jalisco flower.

Baja Mexican Cuisine | 104 14th Street


(Photo credit: @bajahoboken)

Choose from a variety of different margarita flavors at Baja while sipping on it through a fun cactus margarita glass.

Bin 14 | 1314 Washington Street

bin 14

(Photo credit: @bin14winebar)

For fans of all things spicy, head over to Bin 14 to try out its spicy margarita, you will definitely be in for a treat.

Charrito’s | 518 Washington Street, Hoboken + 974 JFK Boulevard East, Weehawken

charritos margarita

It’s no secret that Charrito’s has some of the best Mexican food in Hoboken. Opt for a classic, tried-and-true marg as a complement to the homemade guac. The two locations are perfect for a weeknight date or a get-together with family.

East LA | 508 Washington Street

East LA

(Photo credit: @eastlahoboken)

From Watermelon to Raspberry to Coconut to Cranberry to Sangria to Pineapple and beyond… every margarita you’ve ever dreamed of is on the menu at East LA. 

Green Rock | 70 Hudson Street

Green Rock

(Photo credit: @greenrockhoboken)

Margaritas and tacos are combined on Taco Tuesday at Green Rock. Head over for half-priced tacos and $5 Casamigos margaritas.

Halifax | 225 River Street

Next time you’re at Halifax taking in the view of the skyline, order a margarita for some fruity goodness.

Madison Bar + Grill | 1316 Washington Street

The Madison

(Photo credit: @_madisonbarandgrill)

There’s nothing better than enjoying a warm spring evening while dining al fresco. The patio at the Madison is just the spot: grab a margarita and some tacos and watch the world go by.

Mikie Squared | 616 Washington Street

(Photo credit: @mikiesquared)

While Mikie Squared offers an extensive menu of unique drinks, sometimes, you just gotta go with a classic — and the frozen margarita is sure to please.

Northern Soul | 700 1st Street

northern soul

Well known for its gluten-free + vegan options, Northern Soul also has one extra delish item on the menu — margaritas. Swing for a marg and then graduate to one of the many beer + draft options available at this Mile Square spot.

Jersey City

Los Cuernos | 499 Washington Boulevard

loscuernos margarita

Sometimes, you just want to stick to the classics. Los Cuernos serves up delicious Mexican fare and margs, to satiate any craving.

Los Tres Chilitos | 456 Central Avenue


(Photo credit: @bellam125)

For a super authentic marg and a loaded plate of tacos (who doesn’t want that?), this place will make you feel like you’re no longer in Jersey. This spot is BYOB, though, so you’ll have to bring your own alcohol for these signature margaritas.

Mezcal Kitchen | 665 Newark Avenue

Mezcal Kitchen

(Photo credit: @mezcalkitchenjc)

The only way to know how strong your drink really is is to bring the liquor + make it yourself. At Mezcal Kitchen, diners can bring their own tequila and buy margarita mix from the restaurant to craft their own margs at this BYOB spot.

Orale | 341 Grove Street, Jersey City + 1426 Willow Avenue, Hoboken


(Photo credit: @oralemk)

Orale’s margs are just as pretty as the decor. The has a roomy interior feel with lots of space, so you won’t feel packed in like sardines.

Skinners Loft | 146 Newark Avenue

Skinner's Loft

(Photo credit: @skinnersloft)

Skinner’s Loft offers the Spicy Mango Margarita for a taste of spice and summer. 

The Hamilton Inn | 708 Jersey Avenue

The Hamilton Inn boasts an impressive list of cocktails and the margaritas are no exception. Enjoy the breakfast marg (tequila, orange marmalade, lime, and Cointreau) or any of the other flavors while seated outdoors

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