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Where to Get the Best Scones in Hoboken + Jersey City

by Stephanie Brown
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A scone is a flaky, buttery pastry that pairs incredibly well with a cup of tea or a mug of coffee. These can be sweet or savory which means they are a great option for any craving that hits. Pastry cases around Hoboken + Jersey City have some excellent scone options. Keep reading to discover where to find scones in Hoboken + Jersey City.


Bean Vault | 1 Newark Street

Bean Vault is a cozy coffee shop close to the PATH station and waterfront. The scone selection includes a variety of tempting flavors like blueberry, chocolate chip, cranberry + cheddar chive.

bwè kafe | Multiple Locations

This family-owned coffee shop has two locations in Hoboken + one in Jersey City. The cafe currently serves a mixed berry scone that would go perfectly with one of the teas on the menu — like English breakfast or berry berry.

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Gregory’s | Multiple Locations


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Zap Fitness

This regional coffee chain has a good selection of pastry items and anyone craving a scone can find a cranberry walnut variety here. It’s moist + has just a hint of tartness from the cranberries that makes it very satisfying.

The Hive | 1000 Park Avenue


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The Hive is best known for serving freshly baked cinnamon rolls (cinnies) on the weekends, but the cafe also serves some great baked goods on weekdays. There’s a cheddar scallion scone on the menu that is dense, savory + topped with plenty of cheddar cheese.

Jefferson’s Coffee | 1001 Madison Street + 534 Washington Street


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Jefferson’s Coffee has two locations in Hoboken + the food selections include three varieties of scones. There’s blueberry, chocolate chip + cheddar but, no judgment if anyone orders all three.

Sweet | 343 Garden Street

Sweet has been a staple in the Hoboken dessert scene since 2008 + the display case is filled with decadent mini + standard-sized cupcakes. Everything is made from scratch + baked fresh on-site. Anyone looking for breakfast can stop by for an English scone which is described as being “similar to a sweet cream biscuit.” Sweet also serves a white cheddar version which is the English scone baked with Cabot mild white cheddar cheese.

Yuki’s Coffee + Bakery | 720 Monroe Street E101

best scones hoboken jersey city yukis bakery

Pair a scone with the various drink choices from Yuki’s. Some drinks to pair this flaky pastry with can be a latte, cappuccino, hot chocolate, or chai latte.



Jersey City

Froth on Franklin | 85 Franklin Street


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Froth on Franklin is a popular cafe in The Heights with a few different scones to pick from. Guests can enjoy scones every day of the week and flavors include cranberry, blueberry, + chocolate chip.

Lackawanna Coffee | Multiple Locations

best scones hoboken jersey city lackawanna coffee

There are three locations of Lackawanna Coffee in Jersey City + each has a nice seating area where guests can enjoy their pastries and coffee. The weekday menu features a blueberry scone but on the weekends, visitors can order a chocolate buttermilk scone or a gluten-free apple cheddar scone.

Lil Dove | 589 Palisade Avenue


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This colorful cafe in The Heights is open Wednesday-Sunday from 8AM-2PM and guests can snag a few different types of scones during these hours. The scones are from Balthazar Bakery and the current flavors include cranberry, oat-currant, cheddar-scallion, + butter.

Maman | 70 Hudson Street

Maman is the place to go to feel fancy. The French-inspired bakery has a selection of seasonal pastries and right now guests can order a buttery cheddar scallion scone with Mike’s Hot Honey.

sam a.m. | 112 Morris Street

Sam a.m. is a community gathering hub that attracts a loyal brunch crowd. Berry scones can be ordered at the to-go counter or from the menu for dine-in guests.

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Scram Bakery | 61 Erie Street

best scones hoboken jersey city scram

Scram won the 2022 and 2023 titles of “Best Breakfast Sandwich in Jersey City” by The Hoboken Girl readers but do yourself a favor and order a seasonal pastry along with the breakfast sandwich. During a recent visit, HG tried an incredible banana walnut scone that was soft, flaky, + topped with the right amount of sugar.

Treehouse Coffee Shop | 434A West Side Avenue + 205 Brunswick Street

Treehouse Coffee Shop has two locations in Jersey City + guests can see which scone varieties are available during their visits. Treehouse Coffee serves a “Big + Awesome Scone” from Whealth Kitchen and the flavors change often + seasonally. Some recent selections were almond matcha, peanut butter chocolate, + chocolate chip.

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