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Hoboken’s Oldest Family-Owned Italian Eateries + Restaurants

by Cristina Lombardi
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In a tightly-knit community like Hoboken, shopping locally and supporting family-run businesses is what keeps our favorite spots afloat. With the convenience of online shopping and the accessibility of large e-commerce corporations, it is tempting not to buy everything online or from a chain store. However, there is no denying the personal touch that you receive when you enter a store that is run by a family — and several generations at that. Plus, the more you know about a company’s backstory and how the business came together, the more emotionally invested you become. Our list is simple — before you note that there are more family-owned businesses — we’re highlighting the ones that have been around for at least two generations, and have both parents and children (or grandparents) working there currently or in the past. Keep reading for a list of some of the most cherished family-owned Italian restaurants and businesses in Hoboken that we hold close to our hearts.

Augustino’s | 1104 Washington Street


This long-standing Hoboken staple is one that has been family-owned and operated for many years. Augustino’s is named after the owner Sharon’s father-in-law, Augie Yandoli. The restaurant business runs in the family, as Augie and his son Buddy both owned restaurants before Augustino’s — such as The Lamppost, a well-known place in the ‘70s, and Augie’s Place, which is now known as Court Street. “Everyone who works here is family. Fran has been here for 17 years, Danielle for 16, Denise for 15, Christine, my sister, for 12, and Ashley, my niece. Lenny, Denise, and Alyssa are our bartenders,” Sharon told HG.

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Cafe Michelina | 423 Bloomfield Street

cafe michelina hoboken

This Italian restaurant has been run by father and son duo Pietro and Salvatore Vicari for the last 25 years. The pair are loved by all — including local families who can’t pass by without saying hello. “We try to come out and talk to our guests as much as we can. We just love getting to know people,” explained Salvatore.

Fiore’s | 414 Adams Street

This old-school spot is a classic Hoboken Italian deli and has been in business since 1903. The deli was originally started by the Fiore family in 1903 where it served as a place for customers to buy their weekly cold cuts. In fact, the deli didn’t start serving sandwiches until years later. John Amato Sr., the former owner who just recently passed, started working there in the mid-1960s as a delivery boy — him and his son, John Jr., made the mutz and ran the shop together. The Amato Family has been running things for nearly six decades.

Leo’s Grandevous | 200 Grand Street


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Founded in 1939, Leo’s is one of the Mile Square’s oldest restaurants and is known for its delicious Italian home-style cooking. The founder of the restaurant, Leo DiTerlizzi, and his wife Tessie created recipes for the restaurant that have been passed down by her family for generations and are still used today. Currently, Leo’s is owned by Nicholas DePalma, DiTerrlizzi’s grandson, and Sergio DeNichilo, DiTerrlizzi’s grand-nephew — who have been running the restaurant ever since their grandparents passed.

Lisa’s Italian Deli + Caterer | 901 Park Avenue

When Pietro and Caterina Lisa opened up this deli, they never knew it would be as popular as it is today. Customers adore this spot for mozzarella and sandwiches especially but also for other hot and cold food. Lisa’s is proud of the healthy, quality ingredients they use to make everyone feel like they’re eating a home-cooked meal at their grandma’s house.

Losurdo Italian Deli + Bread Bakery | 410 2nd Street

The Losurdo family came to Hoboken from Bari, Italy in 1971. They opened the deli in 1975, bringing their traditions and home-cooked recipes to the Mile Square.  Losurdo’s is a one-stop shop for all things Italian — especially the focaccia, made fresh on Saturdays only, and the mozzarella.  From fresh bread, pizza, cold cuts, sandwiches, and hundreds of imported Italian goods, this family business has it all.

M&P Biancamano | 1116 Washington Street

The Biancamano family started the deli in 1981 and have been running it together ever since. In fact, Pietro and Teresa Biancamano met in Italy, within the Provincia di Salerno. Although Pietro moved with his family to the United States in 1971, he kept their love alive and stayed in touch with her until Teresa ultimately moved here and married Pietro in 1981. Pietro’s mother, Giovannina, worked in the deli until she was 85 and today, Pietro and Teresa run the deli entirely on their own. The Biancamano family has invested their entire lives into the deli and this family-run establishment has become a widely popular eatery in Hoboken.

Mario’s Classic Pizza | 742 Garden Street

Mario's Pizza

Mario Albunia, longtime Hoboken resident and owner of Hoboken’s Mario’s Classic Pizza, has been in the pizza business for over 36 years. While he originally started serving pizza on the Seaside Heights boardwalk, he made the move to Hoboken in January of 1986. In an interview with The Hoboken Girl in 2018, Mario shared his story with us. “After college, I came right to work here looking to keep the values and traditions alive,” he said. “I’ve been making changes and adapting our family business to today’s world, setting the stage for many more years of success in the future.”

Torna’s Pizzeria | 254 9th Street


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This quaint Italian pizzeria was opened by two families who immigrated from Monte San Giacomo, Italy — by the names of Lisa and Cammarano.  After eight years in business, Antonio Cammarano and Pasquale Lisa sold the business to Nicola Percontino. Nicola and his wife, Angelina, immigrated from Italy to Hoboken with their five children, to continue the family legacy. Their son Antonio Percantino took the business over for a time, followed by his son, Nico, who currently owns Torna’s. Everyone who walks in the door is treated like they’re part of the family.

Benny Tudino’s | 622 Washington Street

Known for one of the largest pizza slices in New Jersey, Benny Tudino’s has been family-owned and operated since the ‘60s. Bari “Benny” Drishti immigrated to the US in the ’60s from Albania and immediately began working in the restaurant business. In 1968, he went ahead and bought the Washington Street spot which was originally called “Tudino’s” —  that is still home to the famed pizzeria, and thus, Benny Tudino’s was established. His son has since taken it over after his passing.

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Honorable Mentions

Hoboken Beer + Soda Outlet | 559 Newark Street

The Mignoli family has always been in the beverage industry. Starting in the 1950s, the father and son duo manufactured their own soda in 28-ounce returnable bottles and delivered house-to-house every day. In 1975, Joe and Ann Mignoli opened Hoboken Beer + Soda Outlet, Hudson County’s first drive-thru beverage outlet. Joe and Ann’s son, took over in 1998 when Joe retired. They currently have a staff of 15 employees with plans to continue to grow.

Piccolos | 92 Clinton Street

piccolos cheesesteaks hoboken

Although Piccolos doesn’t serve traditional Italian eats (at least, not in the New Jersey sense), this famed cheesesteak spot first opened its doors in 1950 and has been family-owned ever since. Patty Spaccavento, the current owner of Piccolos, is the son of an Italian immigrant who opened the shop for hungry Hoboken locals in search of a delicious, no-frills meal. Cheesesteaks might be the namesake (and for good reason), but Piccolos also serves up some mouthwatering meatball sandwiches, soups, and other items, many of which derive from generational family recipes.

Carlo’s Bakery | 95 Washington Street

carlo's bakery hoboken

A Hoboken spot that truly needs no introduction, Carlo’s Bakery is very clearly not an Italian restaurant — but Italian immigrant Carlo Guastaferro first opened the bakery in 1910, and despite the commercial success it has seen over the past 15 years, Carlo’s still maintains that family-owned quality we all know and love. Now owned by Buddy Valastro, *the* Cake Boss, Carlo’s continues to satisfy Hoboken’s collective sweet tooth with its revolutionary fondant cakes, as well as other bakery items like cookies, pastries, cupcakes, and more. Take a trip down memory lane and get the full history of this Hoboken landmark here.

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