Torna’s Pizzeria: A 9th Street Pizza Staple

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Tucked away on the side street of 9th between Park Avenue and Willow Avenue stands a warm and welcoming pizzeria, where the food will make your taste buds sing in Italian and you’re guaranteed to make a new friend. Torna’s Pizzeria located at 254 9th Street in Hoboken has been serving pizza to both new and loyal customers for almost 60 years. Best known for its Sicilian Pie {also available by slice} and Meatball Parm Sub, the menu spans across all the classic appetizers, calzones, and pasta dinners of the same quality. Read on to find out more about this local Hoboken legend.  

Tornas outside

 All About Torna’s

Dom Mike Tornas

^Domenico and “Cousin Mike” ready to welcome and serve their family recipes

The current owners, Mike and Domenico, are proudly connected to the long-standing history of this Hoboken institution that opened in 1960. Mike Castella {but everyone calls him Cousin Mike} was born and raised in Hoboken where he still lives today. Domenico Lisa moved to Hoboken from Monte San Giacomo, Italy when he was seven years old to jump right into helping out around the shop after school. Even though new generations have taken over the shop today, there is still an impressive cross-generational presence with an “all hands on deck” mentality going strong throughout Torna’s.

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The History

Tornas Family Photo

^ Nicola and Angelina’s photo hangs in the pizzeria as a constant reminder of the deep history and work ethic of past and current family generations

Two families by the name Lisa and Cammarano immigrated from Monte San Giacomo, Italy and opened a charming pizzeria together. Torna’s literally translates to “return.” By means of hard work and quality products, customers did just that.  Eight years after opening its doors, Antonio Cammarano and Pasquale Lisa sold the business to Nicola Percontino. Nicola and his wife Angelina immigrated from Italy to Hoboken with their five children – the children who would eventually inherit the same unbelievable work ethic of their parents to continue the family legacy.

What to Expect at the Pizzeria 

Tornas sicilian

^ Sicilian slice of heaven, topped with pepperoni and a generous portion of crushed red pepper to perfection

Tornas scilian slice

This quaint pizzeria is perfect for dining in or taking out. Everyone who walks in the door is treated like they’re part of the family. There isn’t an “Old Hoboken verses New Hoboken here. We’re just Hoboken,” says Mike. The mom and pop shop feel throughout Torna’s remains alive as everyone in the family still has a hand in doing their part, including the children of the family who are learning the tricks of the trade. When Domenico was still young, he explained that his first job was to clean the dough machine. “I’d clean the machine for a small pie,” he said. “And now I’m a partner in the business”.

Growing With Hoboken

Tornas pizza

^ Classic round cheese pie, a staple that never disappoints

As time went on and the neighborhood became increasingly gentrified, Torna’s held onto the values that made the neighborhood diverse and hospitable from the beginning, while making smart changes to keep up with ever-evolving shopping habits of local customers. Knowing that people rarely carry cash on them, under Mike and Domenico’s ownership, Torna’s transformed the business from being cash only to accepting credit and debit cards and started accepting online orders on apps such as Seamless, Grubhub, Slice, and App2Food. Even more notoriously, the pizzeria is open until 4:00AM on Friday and Saturday, which is clutch for late night workers and even more popular among the crowd spilling over after the last call at 10th and Willow.

Of the various family members across the Lisa, Percontino and Castella families pulling 16-18 hours days to make this business such a success, it has all paid off to keep the legacy of the shop going strong. And most importantly, to spend time together as a family. With the simple phrase, “we’re gonna meet at Torna’s,” this pizzeria has been at the center of their families and the Hoboken community ever since its first opened.

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Torna’s is open Monday-Thursday, and Sunday from 11:00AM-10:00PM, and  Friday-Saturday from 11:00AM-4:00AM – perfect for a morning, midday, or late-night bite. Check Torna’s for yourself and follow them on Instagram @tornaspizzahoboken for updates too.

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