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8 Italian Restaurants in Hoboken for the BEST Pasta

by Tamara
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We’ve finally figured out the secret to staying gorgeous and fit — it’s all about pasta. YES, PASTA. Despite popular belief, a new study by Italian researchers found that eating pasta doesn’t increase Body Mass Index — it does just the opposite.

best pasta hoboken

The report, published by Nutrition and Diabetes, says that there are other factors related to a low BMI, but pasta is a factor. We’re not saying that if you eat more than a serving of pasta at a time that you’ll still stay in shape. But in general, the study found that people who eat pasta typically follow a Mediterranean diet — which is heavy on fruits, veggies, healthy fats, and whole grains. Before we get to the tasty part, one last catch: The study was partially funded by Barilla, the pasta company (sliiiight eye roll). This endorsement sounds a little questionable, but carbs are life so who cares, right?

Either way, pasta = happiness. And lucky for us, there’s no shortage in our little mile square. So here are our top choices to get your pasta fix in Hoboken. (BRB, already planning a pasta crawl.)

best pasta hoboken

Photo via Blue Eyes Hoboken 

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1. Blue Eyes Hoboken – 525 Sinatra Drive

blue eyes hoboken

From Rigatoni Alla Norma (eggplant, tomato and sauce and ricotta) to classic spaghetti, there’s a wide range of dishes to get your carb cravings satisfied. We recommend pairing your pasta (or a pizza app if you’re really piling it on — their sauce is sooo good!). And it gets better: if you’re looking for a gorgeous view on the patio overlooking the Hoboken waterfront, this is your place.

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2. Augustino’s – 1104 Washington Street

Widely known as the hardest place to get a reservation in Hoboken, you can’t go wrong here. You’ll lick your plate clean with options including complimentary bruschetta — and the cheese ravioli and chicken parm are something to write home about, 100%. It’s certainly worth the wait!

3. Leo’s Grandevous – 200 Grand Street 

leos hoboken clams Walking into Leo’s is like walking into a Frank Sinatra museum — where you can enjoy an Italian meal to boot (with options including pasta, seafood and pizza). Oh, and it’s one of the few Italian restaurants with gluten-free options. At this restaurant, the food and atmosphere will take you back in time, which no one will complain about since it includes Sinatra music.

4. Cafe Michelina – 423 Bloomfield Street

cafe michelina hoboken

VODKA SAUCE. As if we need any other reason to eat here? This family owned restaurant is all about BYOB, which is just one of the reasons it’s one of our favorites. Don’t feel like dining out? They’ll deliver it to you and cater events too — so you don’t have to come inside to get your vodka (sauce) fix.

5. Johnny Pepperoni’s

This Italian pizza kitchen serves a variety of pasta dishes — and while we know they’re more famous for their pizza, the al dente pasta dishes are nothing to scoff at either. Case in point? The eggplant, peppers, olives, grilled tomato sauce (aka the Grilled Ratatuille Pasta) dish. They also bake a meannnn ziti. This BYO spot also has open doors from its interior to exterior, so you can enjoy people watching while inside or outside. (Oh, and make sure you get the Nutella Pizza for dessert. You’re welcome.)

6. Otto Strada

best pasta hoboken

Photo: Instagram

While this midtown spot is *most* known for its gigantic meatballs, the pasta dishes served here are absolutely delicious. Insider tip: opt for the Carbonara (pasta with pancetta, scallions, egg, cream, black pepper and parmigiano reggiano) OR, if you’re something original to the restaurant, try the Linguini Con Pesto di Pepe Rosso (homemade linguine with otto’s roasted red pepper pesto, topped with goat cheese and basil). Mic drop. (PS: this spot is BYOB!)

7. Lisa’s Italian Deli

lisas italian deli hoboken

If you haven’t had the meatballs and/or chicken parm from Lisa’s, you’re missing out. BUT, if you have — and you have yet to try the penne vodka — then you’re REALLY missing out. This Italian deli on 9th and Park really knows wassup, but you should probably order ahead (it’s not known for its quick service, unfortunately). But, if you can deal with the wait, your stomach will surely oblige! (Insider tip: the mozzarella is TDF).

8. Margherita’s

best pasta hoboken

Known for its delicious ravioli and unmistakable sauces (try the bolognese sauce for a real treat), this midtown Hoboken spot is a force to be reckoned with in the Hoboken pasta world (mainly because they make their own pasta and it’s thaaat good). On weekends, we recommend bringing a bottle and pulling up a chair outside since you’ll most likely be waiting a bit (it’s a small space inside, and large groups are usually in attendance so it can take a little while depending on when you arrive). Insider tip: they only take reservations larger than 6, so come prepared with some Chianti for the wait.

So there you have it. Some of the best pasta in Hoboken to satisfy those carb cravings. Which is your favorite?

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