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What’s Good Here: Vodka Sauce {at Cafe Michelina}

by Marley
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I am Cafe Michelina crazy. It’s perhaps the best place to dine alfresco with a dog. It’s casual, chatty, and BYOB. It’s also one of the first Italian restaurants my husband and I ever visited in Hoboken. It has a special place in my heart…and their vodka sauce has a special place in my stomach.

Yes. Creamy, luscious Italian-American vodka sauce draped lovingly over pasta.

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Seems simple, but it’s a must here. Have it with classic penne pasta or do what my Mom does…ask for it instead of marinara over shrimp parmesan. So cray. My favorite is to have it over plain cheese or smoked mozzarella ravioli with crusty Italian bread.

What makes it so yum? I think it’s because it’s not too creamy and it’s not too pink. It’s a soft red color with a little bit of texture from chopped tomatoes. Just perfect topped with Parmesan cheese.

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Now you know! Go forth. Cafe Michelina’s vodka sauce awaits.


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