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4 Clutch 24-Hour Food Spots in Hoboken

by Erin
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In a town as busy as our beloved Hoboken, hunger knows no timeframe. Whether you’re working super late, have to head out the door before sunrise, or have had a fun night out on the town and need a snack or a full-blown meal, you’re in luck. There are a few yummy 24-hour food options within the mile square. Read on to discover four 24-hour restaurants in Hoboken. 

Bagels on the Hudson | 802 Washington Street

Bagels on the Hudson

Want a bagel (or need some tailgating supplies) super early in the am or maybe a hot and cheesy sandwich while burning the midnight oil? Either way, Bagels on the Hudson has you covered. Some of our personal favorites include The Joey G (Taylor ham, eggs, cheese, and potatoes on a roll), Philly-Style Cheesesteak, the Hoboken Reuben Sandwich, and chocolate chip pancakes – just to name a few. There’s also a selection of snacks and kitchen essentials too, for convenient and yummy 24-hour convenience. PS – for healthier round-the-clock options, the shop also has salads.

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Dunkin Donuts | 400 Newark Street

Sometimes a good cup of coffee can solve all of your problems. Dunkin Donuts, though not a small-owned business, has one 24-hour storefront out of the several locations within the Mile Square. From iced coffee to breakfast sandwiches to doughnuts, this spot is pretty straightforward.

Malibu Diner | 257 14th Street

Malibu Diner

New Jersey is known as the diner capital of the world, and for good reason. The perfect diner has a cozy atmosphere as well as pages and pages of menu and friendly waitresses (no matter the hour) — and that’s exactly what the huge Malibu Diner has to offer. Smoothies and milkshakes, salads and burgers, even steaks and kebabs are only a fraction of Malibu’s extensive menu. This fem even has a full-service bar and takeout!

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McDonald’s | 234 Washington Street

No, you’re not technically shopping locally, but when the late-night (or drunken) hunger hits, there’s nothing like an order of nuggets, fries, and a McFlurry. With the all-day breakfast menu you can indulge in McMuffins, pancakes, and biscuits, too – whatever your pleasure.


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