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The Best Bagels in Hoboken, Sorted By Your Bagel Cravings

by Hoboken Girl Team
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There is nothing like a good, doughy, toasted bagel slathered in butter or cream cheese. Whether you’re a bagels and lox lover, a strawberry slices and strawberry cream cheese on a pumpernickel bagel, or just a french toast bagel straight up with butter — it’s almost a scientific fact that bagels curb most hangovers and bad moods. In Hoboken, we have our fair share of bagel spots, but it’s hard to decipher the best of the carbs from the average. Each of the below bagel shops has its forte, so we’re here to spell it out for you. Lo and behold, here is your comprehensive guide to bagels in the Mile Square based on your bagel craving 

“I want an everything bagel. The more garlicky the better!”| Hoboken Hot Bagels,  634 Washington Street

Hoboken Hot Bagels, located at 634 Washington Street, can do no wrong when it comes to everything bagels — chock-full of sesame seeds, poppy seeds, garlic, onion, and salt. Pop that bad boy in the toaster, and you’ve got a serious bagel craving satisfied. One word to the wise: if ordering lox and cream cheese on your everything bagel, make sure to ask HHB to put the cream cheese on both sides. The shop is currently closed for renovations, but it’s expected to open again soon. 

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“I want a bagel delivered at 2AM.” | Bagels on the Hudson, 802 Washington Street

Bagels on the Hudson, located at 802 Washington Street, is a 24-hour bagel spot that has an array of bagels and toppings to serve any carb craving, day or night. It also has the best crumb cake, the ideal carb dessert to really finish a carb-on-carb meal the right way. So for the next night out when you just need that middle-of-the-night meal, this is the spot to go. HG pro tip: get to know the ladies at the register. They are the BEST.

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Harborside Sport + Spine

“I want XYZ sandwich bagel that is also Insta-worthy.” | O’Bagel, 600 Washington Street


Zap Fitness

With an NJ bagel record that is pretty legit, O’Bagel has created a name for itself as another go-to midtown bagel spot, located at 600 Washington Street. O’Bagel has won the Best of Hoboken awards from our site several years in a row. The bagels and sandwiches are very good, as well as aesthetically-pleasing, but even better is the French Toast bagel. HG Pro-Tip: order the French Toast bagel with strawberries and walnut cream cheese for a decadent twist on a classic.  

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“I want to eat a bagel while people-watching.” | JP’s Bagel Express, 52 Newark Street

JP’s Bagel Express

This spot is right near the PATH at 52 Newark Street, and while it’s a no-frills bagel joint, it has an incredibly tasty selection of freshly-made bagels and can easily accommodate large orders. Call to place your order and it will be ready for you to pick up faster than you can say “Everything Bagel with Cream Cheese and Lox.” The menu also has salads, wraps, and more — but order a tuna on everything scooped out and toasted, and you’ll be a happy camper, we have no doubt.

In other news, there’s also a brand new bagel spots joining the Jersey City scene called Cafe Bagel + Deli. We personally cannot wait to give that spot a try.


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