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Amidst Leprecon Chaos: {Baby Green} Bagels Are Born at O’Bagel!

by Marley
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St Patrick’s Day is upon us — despite the chaos and Irish car bombs, a glimmer of delicious hope and new life shines in one the Mile Square’s favorite bagel institution. O’Bagel at 6th and Washington is whipping up these adorable baby green bagels. And you should be eating them, too.

One of the BEST things about St. Patty’s day are the green bagels. They were in full force at New Jersey’s own O’Bagel…in mini and normal sizes. Options we love.

The mood at O’Bagel? It’s got a jolly vibe, an admiration for carbs, chill morning music, and was rather crowded for opening weekend. Can easily see it becoming midtown Hoboken’s new bagel spot. And the bagels themselves are pretty great. O’Bagel is not a chain, FYI — it’s a family-owned and operated business for the last 20 years with four New Jersey locations {that got so popular they had to expand!}. It started as the vision of Sam, the owner, who wanted to put his expertise of hand rolling bagels into a suburban community that respects and appreciates fresh quality bread made from hand-selected ingredients And you know how we LOVE a good NJ bagel.

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Also – all bagels are hand rolled on premise! I ran into the back and snuck a picture to show you fine people the baby bagels being brought into the world.

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Where’s your favorite green-bagel spot in Hoboken? Share with us in the comments!

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