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The Most Insta-Worthy Bathrooms in Jersey City

by Jen Gonzalez
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Guests are likely to stop into an establishment’s bathroom at least once during their visit – so why shouldn’t it be as pleasant of an experience as the rest of the venue? The bathroom is one of the most important rooms of any establishment, but especially one where food and drinks are served. Some businesses are cool enough to take their bathroom designs to the next level, especially in Jersey City. From decor to uniqueness to functionality, read on for our list of Jersey City’s most unique and Insta-Worthy bathrooms. 

Dullboy | 364 Grove Street


Dullboy has no shortage of epic eye-catching designs throughout the space. The antique, chic vibes are something everyone should see for themselves. Classic books are used to create a 3D accent wall that leads you straight to the bathroom where the book theme continues. Sheets pulled from a typewriter are plastered on the bathroom walls, the mirror has a distressed feel to it, and graffiti-style postcards with the Dullboy theme are carefully lined up on the adjacent wall for anyone to take home as a souvenir.

Fox & Crow | 594 Palisade Avenue

fox and crow jersey city

Fox & Crow is known for its awesome live music and elevated bar fare. When heading for a bathroom break, you”ll be delighted by the funky decor and wallpaper that features portraits of 18th-century women with lipstick marks on their faces like they were just kissed.

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Frankie | 264 Grove Street


Frankie’s tropical, Bohemian decor is simply awesome, and the bathroom adds a unique Art Deco accent made for the bathroom selfie. If you haven’t been to Frankie yet, you’re missing out. This unique, Australian-inspired restaurant stands out among the rest as a cool and unique spot.

Gringo’s | 12 Coles Street

gringos jersey city bathroom

Gringo’s single-handedly upgraded the Porta-John, and the bathroom doors totally go along with the “taco truck” feel of the entire establishment. While the interior of the bathroom is nothing to write home about, the outside door definitely is — along with most of the vibrant decor.

Hudson Hall | 364 Marin Boulevard


The bathrooms at Hudson Hall have it all – beautiful tile work, multiple stalls, European-style urinals, coat hooks, multiple faucets, antiqued mirrors, dim lighting, and antique hat art. The men’s room even has a diaper-changing station (should be a necessity for all, if we’re being real). The oval mirror adds to the antique vibes you’ll find inside.

Madame Claude | 390 4th Street


Vintage-style murals distinguish between “his” and “hers” bathrooms. Inside each bathroom, you are treated to gorgeous tile work, Parisian wallpaper, and Xlerator hand dryers. While sitting on the throne, you may even pick up a little French. Mais ouî!

Mathews | 351 Grove Street


Mathews’ bathroom wins most hospitable bathroom with its pineapple wallpaper, gorgeous tile work, air-filtering plants, and ’90s hip-hop music. We love a bathroom with its own soundtrack — and glitter cocktails on the menu.

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Orale Mexican Kitchen | 341 Grove Street

orale jersey city bathroom

While the entire restaurant boasts “Day of the Dead” decor that is the epitome of IG-worthy, the bathroom surely doesn’t disappoint, either. Just look at those hot pink walls and colorful toilet paper rolls + boom box above (genius).

SouthHouse | 149 Newark Avenue


Southern charm is the theme of this venue, and the bathroom on the first floor is no exception. Wallpaper and antiqued mirrors make our hearts sing, and this cozy bathroom even accommodates two people. So proceed with caution on the Bloody Marys that go down like water (only accompanied by chicken + waffles, of course).


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