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    Take a quick trip up the Ninth Street elevator and you’ll find yourself in Jersey City Heights, where new hidden gems are starting to pop up on the reg – including Fox & Crow, a rustic, low-key pub and parlour.  The sign is small, but you can’t miss the colorful, graffitied exterior.  Go inside and it {almost} feels just like you’re in Brooklyn…whether that’s good or bad, is up to you!

    Fox and Crow - outside

    The front area is dimly lit with cozy, vintage style light bulbs hanging from the ceiling, wallpaper filled with bare-branches, and even a {maybe} faux-stuffed fox nestled on one of the shelves keeping an eye over the bar.  This is considered the pub section of the restaurant, and its extensive beer selection and crafty cocktails make it a prime location to throw a few back.

    Fox and Crow - fox

    NOT REAL. Promise!

    One drink that especially stood out was the Mod Fashion, which is F&C’s take on an Old Fashioned.  They teamed with other Heights locals Modcup Coffee to include coffee concentrate, {which gives it a bit of a kick on the finish}.  Another option for anyone with a sweet tooth is an alcoholic root beer float made from Not Your Father’s Root Beer, vanilla ice cream and topped off with some whipped cream.

    Fox and Crow - drinks

    As far as the food goes, the menu is on the smaller side but what they do have is drool-worthy.  Unique homemade burger combinations include toppings such as bacon marmalade or asian slaw, plus vegetarian {black bean burger} and pescatarian {crabby patty} options.  Every burger comes with a side of hand cut french fries and you essentially get an entire potato all to yourself {unless sharing is your thing}.  The two salads on the menu looked tasty too, but it’s pretty much impossible to resist those burgers and fries once you see them.

    Fox and Crow - burgers


    If you find yourself there late night and on the weekend, make sure to head into the back parlour for live music…and not just your typical cover bands either, most of the acts play something of the jazz and bluegrass variety.  While there is no formal cover charge, a $10 donation is suggested which goes directly to the musicians.

    Fox and Crow - parlour

    Overall, if you’re looking for somewhere to hang out with a tasty drink, a juicy burger and some great live music, venture up the cliff to Fox & Crow located at 594 Palisade Avenue in Jersey City {Heights}.

    Have you been to Fox & Crow?  What did you think?

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    Liya originally hails from Minneapolis, MN (but don't hold that accent against her) and has been a NY/NJ transplant since 2004, when she moved east to attend Hofstra University. Even though she doesn't pronounce coffee like you, she has a passion for some of the best food, culture and lifestyle that this side of the Hudson has to offer. As a new resident of Jersey City Heights {with her husband Scott and their dog Nala}, she's excited to explore her new neighborhood and share her findings with you.


    • I live in the Heights and am so happy I don’t need to go to NYC to get that feel. This spot is perfect to hang, eat or listen to live music! Hoboken should take note:-)

    • Unfortunately as cute as this place may seem it’s overpriced and they lie about the menu. Nothing is organic and the meat is bottom of the barrel. Let’s be honest they got lucky because there’s nothing else in the area except the Corkscrew a couple blocks away. Which is a true neighborhood establishment, having been there for over two decades and run by real locals, not rich real estate developers. Choose your local bar WISELY!


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