Must-Try Chicken and Waffles in Hoboken + Jersey City

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Ahhh, chicken and waffles. If you’re wondering where in the world this odd combination came from (we were, so we did a little research), chicken and waffles is famous soul food and a classic Pennsylvania Dutch meal that has taken the country by storm. Even if you’ve never tried and the thought of some sweet syrup, a classic breakfast food, and protein on top doesn’t exactly sound like a match made in heaven, we’re firm believers in the phrase, “Don’t knock it ’till you try it.” The dish used to be an oddity, but clearly, in the area, it’s become quite the hot commodity — and lucky for us, Hoboken and Jersey City offer plenty of places to get your grub on, so we’ve found top-notch places in the area for you to try this Instagram-worthy meal. 

Beechwood Cafe | 290 Grove Street, Jersey City

Offering a fresh and delicious spin on brunch, Beechwood Café has a little something for everybody to enjoy. True to its name, upon entering the café you will find that it is dotted with adorable beechwood accents, including wooden tables topped with marble slabs. The brunch and coffee are the stars of the show. Next time you’re visiting, opt for the chicken and waffles dish with a cold brew.

Buddy’s JC | 247 Washington Street, Jersey City

Buddy's JC

(Photo credit: @buddysjc)

When looking for delicious breakfast food in Jersey City, it can be an easy but also daunting task. Enter Buddy Who’s — a downtown Jersey City restaurant with all the most mouth-watering brunch and burger menu items. The eatery is known for its cereal pancakes but don’t sleep on the chicken and waffles!

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Carolyn’s Soul Food | 76 Orient Avenue, Jersey City

The menu at this gem draws from a steady repertoire of southern cooking, which gives eaters a sense of comfort knowing what they are going to get. For takeaways, or sometimes dine-in even, the food comes in three-compartment boxes, one for the main dish, two for very hearty sides. The chicken and waffles here are a must-try.

Champs Chics & Waffles | 688 Bergen Avenue, Jersey City

Champs Chics & Waffles

(Photo credit: @chics4sale)

This gem serves up fresh-baked Belgium waffles with house-made toppings featuring seasonal toppings. The waffle recipe uses a yeast-leavened dough and is finished with pearl sugar which caramelizes on the outside and delivers a sweet crunch. There’s a section on the menu dedicated to the iconic dish – the Chics and Waffles section. Some of the options include the PB and Jealous, The OG, and the Wake and Bake.

Cherry’s Lounge | 102 Martin Luther King Drive, Jersey City

Cherry's Lounge

(Photo credit: @cherryslounge_bar_grill)

No frills soul food is what locals get at Cherry’s. Founded in 1980, patrons can expect dishes like shrimp and grits, salmon stew, breakfast dishes, and of course, chicken and waffles.

City Diner | 31 Montgomery Street, Jersey City

City Diner

(Photo credit: @citydiner)

All-day breakfast and drinks? Yes, please. City Diner is known for its comfort food dishes and modern environment ideal for the Sunday brunch squad. And if you’re looking for a hip take on chicken and waffles, all of your urban peeps with a sweet tooth will be pleased with the gigantic Belgian waffle, served with four pieces of honey-dipped chicken. There’s really nothing better than honey + chicken.

Corkscrew Bar | 61 Congress Street, Jersey City


Wanting your brunch with a side of booze? Obviously. At Corkscrew Bar you can have your chicken and waffles accompanied by your favorite hair of ze dog, a winning option for any weekend morning. You’ll fit right in with a pretty casual atmosphere, plenty of TVs to watch the game, and drafts galore.

Freetown Road Project | 640 Newark Avenue, Jersey City

Freetown Road Project

(Photo credit: @freetown_road_project)

Freetown Road Project, a budding West Indian restaurant, was started by Claude Lewis, the son of Antiguan immigrants and a Jersey City native. The menu essentially consists of the food he enjoyed when he was growing up – and it’s all amazing. The food is simple, honest home cooking, but the techniques and seasonings are well-thought-out. Take the chicken and waffles for example – mouth-watering deliciousness.

Harry’s Daughter | 339 Communipaw Avenue, Jersey City

Harry's Daughter

(Photo credit: @harrysdaughterjc)

Harry’s Daughter, located in the Bergen-Lafayette neighborhood has made our city souls happy with its modern take on traditional island fare. Not only does the atmosphere have the island vibe thing going on, but so does the food…and it’s good. Really good. For dinner, Caribbean staples like jerk meat, roti, and chicken and waffles make up the menu along with a few curveballs like bao buns bringing the Asian flare and peri peri shrimp evoking African flavors.

Sam A.M | 112 Morris Street, Jersey City

Sam Am

(Photo credit: @sam_am_cafe)

Forget green eggs and ham, Sam A.M. offers up chicken and waffles to satisfy your sweet and savory cravings. We love this quaint diner because it changes up its menu seasonally, so there’s always something new to look forward to like chicken and waffles served with a special cranberry sauce. Plus, the charming porch makes your experience 10x better. Chicken and waffles + one of the amazing lattes, and you’re in the serious hangover cure business.

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The Kitchen Step | 500 Jersey Avenue, Jersey City

kitchen step jersey city chicken waffles

(Photo credit: @kitchenstepjc)

Craving a spicier wing? Get ready to “step” into the fire with this Honey Siracha Chicken and Waffles dish from one of the coolest new restaurants in JC. This neighborhood bistro is located in the historic downtown Van Vorst area and welcomes you with plenty of hospitality and market-inspired dishes.

Turning Point Hoboken | 1420 Frank Sinatra Drive, Hoboken


(Photo credit: @turningpointrestaurants)

Ready for an uptown breakfast experience you’ll be obsessing over for weeks to come? Turning Point, which yesdoesn’t serve alcohol, but its motto is “Work to live, don’t live to work,” so we can’t be mad. This breakfast joint provides a friendly and relaxed atmosphere, and here you’ll get to chow down on a Southern chicken and waffles plate that’s served with bacon and some sweet, dried cranberries to jazz things up a bit. There’s also a tropical Chicken and Waffles plate — which is featured above with pineapple + strawberries on top.


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