Mouth-Watering Chicken & Waffles Dishes in Hoboken + Jersey City

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Ahhh, chicken and waffles. If you’re wondering where in the world this odd combination came from {we were, so we did a little research}, chicken and waffles is a famous soul food and a classic Pennsylvania Dutch meal that’s been taking the country by storm in the last few years. Even if you’ve never tried and the thought of some sweet syrup, a classic breakfast food, and protein on top doesn’t *exactly* sound like a match made in heaven, we’re firm believers in the phrase, “Don’t knock it ’till you try it.” The dish used to be an oddity, but clearly in the area it’s become quite the hot commodity — and lucky for us, Hoboken and Jersey City offer plenty of places to get your grub on, so we’ve found top-notch places in the area for you to try this Instagram-worthy meal. If you haven’t tried this salty/sweet duo yet, we’ve got your next cheat meal below:


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Turning Point Hoboken {1420 Frank Sinatra Drive}


^The Tropical Chicken + Waffles at Turning Point via

Ready for an uptown breakfast experience you’ll be obsessing over for weeks to come? Turning Point, which yes, doesn’t serve alcohol, but its motto is “Work to live, don’t live to work,” so we can’t be mad. This breakfast joint provides a friendly and relaxed atmosphere, and here you’ll get to chow down on a Southern Chicken and Waffles plate that’s served with BACON and some sweet, dried cranberries to jazz things up a bit. Let’s be honest, they had us at bacon. They also serve up a tropical Chicken and Waffles plate — which is featured above {pineapple + strawberries, yes plz}.

Dish listed as $13.25 on the menu.

Jack’s Cabin {61 Jackson Street}

The key to nailing this super soulful dish is biting into the perfect ratio of chicken to waffles. Thanks to Jack’s Cabin, that’s a problem of the past with their classy take on chicken and waffles with a slider dish. The hard work is done for you — all you have to do is grab a skewer, pour on the syrupy goodness and gravy and get to eating. Who would’ve thought chicken and waffles could be so posh — pinkies up!

Dish listed as $9 on the menu.

Waffle de Lys {Food Truck, various locations}

Need your Belgian waffle fix on the go? Luckily, Waffle de Lys travels around New Jersey and New York, so you don’t have to go far for some tasty waffles with a creative, French twist. The fancy food truck has been named “most seductive sweet” and top truck for a reason — it doesn’t mess around when it comes to crazy combinations. While there’s no quote-on-quote chicken and waffles on the menu, there’s a sautéed chicken waffle topped with caramelized onions cooked in wine sauce We couldn’t think of a more fitting way to test out a French take on the famous soul food. Look for it at Pier 13 from time to time!

Jersey City

Corkscrew Bar {61 Congress Street}



Wanting your brunch with a side of booze? Obviously. At Corkscrew Bar you can have your chicken and waffles accompanied by your favorite hair of ze dog, a winning option for any weekend morning. You’ll fit right in with a pretty casual atmosphere, plenty of TVs to watch the game, and drafts galore.

Dish listed as $12 on the menu.

Sam A.M {112 Morris Street}

Forget green eggs and ham, Sam A.M. offers up chicken and waffles to satisfy your sweet and savory cravings. We love this quaint diner because it changes up its menu seasonally, so there’s always something new to look forward to like chicken and waffles served with a special cranberry sauce. Plus, the charming porch makes your experience 10x better. Chicken & waffles + one of their amazing lattes, and you’re in the serious hangover cure business.

Dish listed as $15 on the menu.

The Kitchen Step {500 Jersey Avenue}

kitchen step jersey city chicken waffles

Craving a spicier wing? Get ready to “step” into the fire with this Honey Siracha Chicken and Waffles dish from one of the coolest new restaurants in JC. This neighborhood bistro is located in the historic downtown Van Vorst area and welcomes you with plenty of hospitality and market-inspired dishes.

Dish listed as $17 on the menu.

Brownstone Diner & Pancake House {426 Jersey Avenue}



If you want a meal as big as your face {who are we kidding, of course you do}, head to Brownstone. This cute diner offers all your other breakfast faves and certainly knows a thing or two about whipping up waffles considering they also offer a waffle sundae. Plus, they have two locations {Edgewater may be a better bet because they valet your parking and have more space!}.

Dish listed as $15 on the menu.

City Diner {31 Montgomery Street}

All-day breakfast and drinks? Yes please. City Diner is known for its comfort-food dishes and modern environment ideal for the Sunday brunch squad. And if you’re looking for a hip take on chicken and waffles, all of your urban peeps with a sweet tooth will be pleased with the gigantic Belgian waffle, served with four pieces of honey-dipped chicken. There’s really nothing better than honey + chicken.

Dish listed as $15.95 on the menu.

Where will you get your chicken and waffles on first? 

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